Stressful Day

Today has been a stressful day.
One of those “low” days.
Feeling a little discouraged.

Some positives I’m trying to focus on:
I have a good, healthy and happy relationship to turn to.
I started a creative project and finished it yesterday.
I have a roof over my head in an environment that is loving and patient till we get a footing.

I know there are good things in my life. But sometimes the stresses are overbearing and difficult to pull through.

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yeah it’s good to focus on positives but sometimes that doesn’t cut it all u need is you time just having time just for yourself makes it 50% or 100% better and u saying sometimes it comes overbearing best way to deal with that is have something that can take your mind off everything so u can just space out and enjoy yourself without worry about the stress

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We ended up going downstairs and playing some board games with the parents. That really helped bring up the mood.

One of my more minor stresses has been that I’ve been trying to build a relationship with my partners dad. It often is very hard because he always turns us down when we invite him to do something with us. But tonight he came back and decided he would join us. So that helped relieve some sad feelings in that area and distracted me from the major stress from earlier this afternoon.

Over all, I’m feeling much better now. It’s just rough as it’s a stress that isn’t going to go away. Being distracted from it now doesn’t resolve it. So I’ll have to face it another day. But…it’s kinda out of my control so I’m trying not to stress more then I need to.

Anyway. Thanks for responding

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