Stressing about change health insurance/ new job

I finally got hired full time position, which really awesome. However, it got really stress out lately due to fact change health insurance and figure my retirement.

I alway get confuse with fucking health care, they offer really good plans. But I check if my doctors can take them and they cover my DBT classes, Mediction, and dental. I get finally get off of Masshealth ( I’m from Massachusetts.) but it stress I get worry not being take care on my mental and physical health. If I get left without insurance.

Retirement it just I had a lot professional explain in detail and still confuse as hell. I can’t do anything by myself cuase so fucking dumb. I try set a meeting so I can have my dad involved, I don’t want to make the wrong move.

With this I’m stress about my job to point where I want to cut my wrist. I struggle with self harm in the past and just fucking stressing out. I’m afraid cuase everything is going good, but what if I get fired or something happen and covid close everything done. It just hate this feeling, this job is really making me anxious.

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From: Ashley- (Discord)

Insurance, particularly in the United States is incredibly stressful. More than it needs to be and so is retirement and understanding all those things that come along with getting a new job. It stresses me out too. One thing that is super helpful is making checklists of the things that I have to do. It helps make the things that are in my head that seem big, small. I’ve had to switch insurance a couple of times due to job stuff and I once I started writing down who I had to check in with to make sure they still took my new insurance, the easier it was to take care of and get through! Also it’s perfectly okay that you had to bring your dad to a meeting! I still ask my mom for help on things like my taxes and complicated forms. You don’t automatically know everything once you reach adulthood and its perfectly okay to ask for help from someone who has more experience! I understand how anxious this is making you, but please understand that you deserve the good things, like this job. I hope everything works out for you and I hope more good things come your way :heart:

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From: bbrandon3 (Discord)

Hey friend, thank you so much for being here and for sharing. And congrats on the new job! That is awesome. Sorry to hear about all of the complications around insurance. I’ve gone through that a little bit and know how complicated and stressful that can be. I actually just went through some of that insurance stuff recently and it confused the heck out of me and made me feel dumb or like I was less of an adult because I didn’t understand. I am constantly asking my Dad these types of questions too. So you are not alone in all of that. Sorry to hear about your anxiety because that can be so difficult and overwhelming. I also have anxiety around my job and Covid and other things, so at least have a small glimpse into what you’re going through and know how difficult that can be. I’m so sorry. Something that has helped me is making a list of things I enjoy doing (playing guitar, watching a movie, going for a walk, etc.) that help me relax in stressful situations. I’m glad that things are going good for you now and hope that they stay that way! Thank you so much for being a part of this community🖤

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