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Stressing out about a simple job

I got hire full time at my new job, doing janitor work at the schools and I get benefits.

In addition , I feel I can’t do the basics job without having anxiety. I stress out over the dumbest shit, like cleaning floors, doing bathrooms and anything. I’m too dumb to even do a mini wage job.

I have general anxiety and a disability so even basic stuff is hard for me.

Also been going to this DBT meeting on Tuesday That goes from 4pm to 5pm. Where I start my shift from 3pm to 11pm. Where do two schools.

However, something came up now I have open the building by myself and been up really early. I’m not going be ready for this. I could lose my job and have mental breakdown.


Take three slow deep breaths. Relax and clear your mind as much as you can. A new job usually leads to anxiety, but as you get used to it, the anxiety is reduced.

Focus on one step at a time, for example the first step is to grab a mop and bucket. The next step is to add water and soap to the bucket. The next step is to go to the area that needs mopped. You get the idea.

Rather than look at your work area and tell yourself “I’ve got all this stuff to do,” tell yourself, “right now, I only need to focus on the first step.”

Confessing to this will give you an idea of my age, but 50 some years ago, I worked as a janitor. I found it to be rewarding, because I could see how my work transformed an area into something more pleasant. It’s nice to be able to look back and see what you have accomplished.

You absolutely positively can do that job, and do it well. After two weeks, you will have much more confidence.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your feelings. Investing trust in a support group is no small feat. Take care, and let us know how things go.


Congratulations on the new full time gig.
Take it one day at a time and make sure you do things that you enjoy in your off time, to helps destress after a long day of work. Good luck and I believe in you. :heart:


Hi @Metalskater1990
Firstly Congratulations on getting that full time position, that really is a great achievement.
Anything new is scary to start with and then when you add anxiety on top of that its very unpleasant and that can lead to such negative and worrying thoughts so as @wings says the best thing to start with is to try to calm down.
I am also certain you can do this job with no problems at all, you just need to find your way at your pace in your time and you will get a routine. It will all fall into place as it does for everyone who starts a new job, this has nothing to do with you being dumb, its because you haven’t got your routine in place yet. Give yourself grace and time.
You have got this. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you are getting on.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


Hey @Metalskater1990

Congrats on the new job. With big change comes alot of stress and fears. I have just gone through a similar new change with a new job and it terrifies me . It’s only a transfer which should make things easier, however people have assumed I know what I am doing much more than if I was completely new to the role. I have taken my time so far, made sure I take lots of small breaks to breath and think calmly and I am doing well. If I can get through it , you definitely can :slight_smile:

You are not dumb , don’t say it , don’t think it. It’s fantastic just to get to this point . Try not to worry about what might happen , try to think about where you were and where you are now. You should be hugely proud. You CAN do this and you will be ok. Just take your time and be honest with people at your work.

If you are not ready for big responsibility, tell them , say you are nervous and perhaps they can show you the way a bit more until you are ready. Don’t hide in fear , people will be ok that you are a bit concerned about it and I’m sure they will help.

I hope it all goes well for you , keep calm , keep breathing and just take it task by task. You got this ! :heart:


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