Stressing out I can't do this

Hello! it been a lot time I’m currently stressing out because right now THE current program I’m in I completed for Culinary arts so I still live on campus I have months maybe less I don’t know what i’m doing after i’m scared that i’m going go homeless I know i’m not going home because its not safe there for me there so much in head yet again i’m holding all my feeling like last time last time I had a crisis and ended in the hospital because I hold all my feeling in and don’t let them out l I know this is a trigger me I can’t do this I keep asking why is it wroth living I just wanna not deal with the pain and the emotes anymore idc if the monster wins ;(

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Hey Jace,
Take a breath, and stop for a minute. I don’t have an instant solution for you, but I know you can figure it out. I believe in you, and if you try hard, you will find a place and be okay. You’re a fighter, and you’ve fallen down for now and that’s okay. You can rise out of it. You are worth it, you’ve worked and completed the program and you’ve come this far.
Hold fast <3