Struggle with music part 2

Again from my last post, I just so deafened from the music scene, i though was supposed to bring people to together and share an experience with your follow rocker. But I just felt like people have look down on me. My problem is that I depend on other people validation for my worth for the music. I know not everyone is going to love my songs and I know not a great musician, or a professional. But I just like selfish I love my songs, they are really important to me. It show my inner struggles and I wish people gave it more of a chance.


Be patient with your circumstances. Have you ever thought about uploading to Youtube? Be aware, if you do, you’ll get both positive and negative comments, but odds are that there will be some who really like your music.

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Hey there @Metalskater1990

Been a min since I have been on so first let me just say HIIIIIII!

Hey kudos to you for putting yourself out there w/music you have made. I think that takes an incredible amount of courage to perform or share your art out there with others. It is a very vulnerable place to put yourself and there are so many folks who couldn’t even go there at all. I’m proud of you just for that.

I do think it is tough out there with art and there is always someone who is better at something you know what I mean? The audience may not be in the same mental space as you to appreciate what you are putting out there. That doesn’t mean it is bad though.

Maybe looking for or creating a meetup group for some jam sessions and sharing music with others in a garage type setting might help? You could possibly meet like minded folks who are a bit more understanding when it comes to building the skills and could give creative criticism and encouragement.

Also loving your craft for what it is alone is good enough too. You made a song, you did a thing. That is pretty epic IMO.

Rock on <3/Mish


Hi @Metalskater1990
Its great to hear from you again, you really have come so far in such a short time, I love the way you now can step back and really look at a situation and decipher what is happening, how you are feeling, what your reaction is, why you are reacting that way and if that is ok. I think that is just awsome and to say im proud is an understatement. Keep doing what you are doing and its ok to be selfish with your music by the way, you are allowed to like whatever you want to like, its called personal choice. You are brilliant Metal. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. xx


hey metal!

thank you for sharing this update and what you’re struggling with. i love how your music is important to you and how you use it to vent through inner struggles. that kind of coping method is incredibly strong and i am so thankful you have worked hard to perfect your talents. with music, i think the right people that connect with your music will find you as long as you publicize it and share your music! the true magic though is when you find validity in the things you do because you believe in yourself deep down. people will gravitate towards that energy. i believe in you to keep rocking on, my friend!



Hello, Metalskater1990!
I’m sorry you aren’t finding people who love your music the way you do but since you mostly make it for yourself and because you enjoy doing it I’m glad you love your songs. So many artists cannot stand to witness their own creations so it’s a wonderful thing that you love yours so much.

I think Wings had a great idea of uploading your stuff to YouTube or some other streaming platforms. Get your stuff out there so that the people who are like you and enjoy the same stuff as you can find it.

Keep rocking :hrtlegolove:


hi there!

I love that you keep creating your music, and I love that it means so much for you. There’s a lot of music I like that most persons would find very odd or old fashioned even, but I know what it does for me when I hear it - it brings relief, and distraction, and I can get lost in it and find peace too. Music is sacred to me because sound is sacred to me.

I’m so proud of you @Metalskater1990 , there is so much growth I’m seeing in this post. I see you clearly expressing what you want, and how you’d like people to connect with your music. That shows a lot of awareness, and I’m inspired by that! It takes a lot of bravery to create music and to then share it. You play in public too! That’s so brave, and even if you haven’t gotten the ‘perfect’ response yet, you’re out there friend, you’re actually DOING the thing that so many people dream of and are too scared to do.

Keep at it, find your joy in it. The right notes will reach the right ears soon enough :slight_smile: Keep being your awesome self!


Hey MetalSkater,

One metal head to another here, though I’m not a creator. So I don’t know exactly what struggles you go through in actually taking the time and energy to create your work, perfect it for performance, and then actually perform it. That entire process sounds like you put so much of yourself into it, I can understand feeling drained if you don’t get the reaction you were expecting from it. The fact that you are passionate about your art, and put so much of yourself into it, tells me you are doing this for the right reasons… because you love what you do

Yeah, metal may not be as popular as it used to be, but rockers are still out there. Keep working on finding the scene wants your art. I believe in you, friend. Keep doing what you love.


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