Struggling and need help

im going to start this off with im 17 and struggling badly. recently i have had to support my family a lot especially my younger siblings. my parents where not the greatest to us they neglected us and mentally scared us. my dad passed away a few months ago and my mom didn’t take it well at all,she was drinking heavily and wasn’t looking after us. one night she really messed up and is now in jail which we all honestly saw coming because it is not the first time this has happened. but last night i reached a low and just wanted to end it all cause im stressed out and feel as if i dont support my siblings i am a failure and i want to give them the best they can have and not have a fucked up childhood like i did. my oldest brother has decided to take on the role of giving us a place to stay and look after us but, i can see hes stressed and not handling it well, i try my best to help where i can but it is hard. i feel as i am alone in this all and honestly dont know what to do.


@quinn2001 you are not alone! Hearing that message made me cry a little not gonna lie. You are definitely not a failure! I cant even begin to imagine what your going through but I will say that it will get better! I’ve been through alot of crap and still am, You just need to keep pushing through because you are a strong individual and everyone in this community is here for you! You are awesome keep being awesome

Hold fast :raised_hands::heart:

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I’ve been where you are. I’m the oldest of six and honestly my parents were not in a position to be parents. A lot of the time it felt like I was the parents and they were the children and I had to basically take care of my siblings often. It’s unfair to do that to a child and it’s definitely disheartening when that happens. You are not a failure at all. The fact that you genuinely care about your siblings and are doing your best to show them that love and support shows you have a really good heart. Perhaps you can have a conversation with your brother about it and be honest about how you’re feeling and ask him how he is feeling. You say he looks stressed, but have you tried talking to him about it? Sometimes being able to talk these things over can help a bit. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but it will get better. You have people that love you and care about you. You’re not alone and you are stronger than you think.


Hi @quinn2001

First I want to say I see you. I am proud of you. Last I love you.

I am so sorry for the events that have all come for you to be here right now. You may not believe or see it now but you are a strong person. It must be a lot to have to take the responsibility of taking care of your younger siblings. That is so awesome you have a brother that is taking you all in. Yeah, I believe it’s going to be a rough hike up the mountain but when you get to the top you’ll be able to see how far you came.

Seriously, You are not alone in this. You are already on your way to getting better.

One of my all-time favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis is “Pain leaves the opportunity for healing.”

You are hurting and you can get better. We will be there rooting for you and helping the best we can.

You are loved.

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Wow I have no words, you are brave and strong person, those situation seem so strong and difficult to handle out that I dont think that if that have happen to me, I could handle it. You are so brave and dont think that you are a failure, you are amaizing and a real warrior :raised_hands: And I can promise that better days will come for you and for your family :raised_hands: stay strong and take care :heart: