Struggling bad tonight

I’m struggling really bad tonight. Yesterday I found my grandpa cancer condition got even worse than before and now he has a tumor on his brain. I do not live in the same state as him so naturally I want to see him as quick as I can my parents already had plans to go. They told me I was unwelcomed to go. I fought with them for hours until they finally said i could go. But they and my family in Tennessee are making feel really unwelcome and unloved. My grandpa is my bestfriend and them not wanting me to come to say my final goodbyes really hurts me. It’s making me feel like a shit human like what did I do to be treated like shit from my own family. I havent slept tonight mainly becuase I cant stop think of the stuff they were telling me or the ways they tried to make me feel bad for wanting to go. I’m peaving to go see him tommarrow I know it will be super hard I just wish my family would just stop the bullshit

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Hey @Twister,

I’m so sorry for your grandpa. And I’m sorry for how your family is treating you. Those are very painful circumstances and my heart goes out to you friend. About 3 years ago now I was in a similar situation… A family member was in hospital with a worsened condition. I travelled there with my sister to say goodbye, and one of our parents couldn’t help but saying awful things to us. It just added an unecessary stress when the situation itself was already bringing a lot of deep emotions. It really sucks to have family members who make you feel unwelcomed. In such circumstances, we naturally expect people to have a different behavior, to be respectful and at least understanding with everyone. Just to put their weapons down and show a bit of decency.

You know what? You’re doing what is right. It’s this kind of moment when you don’t have to think twice because you know what you have to do. Your relationship with your grandpa is yours, both of you, and others don’t have a say on it, whether they’re happy or not. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not guilty of anything. You’re just about to travel and see someone you care about, to show some love to them when they certainly need it the most. If some people don’t see that or like to make everything complicated - it is their loss, and they will have to learn with their discontent on their own. All those issues will certainly need to be addressed, but just at a different time. Right now, what you’re doing is beautiful and is an expression of your beautiful heart. Keep that strength, friend. It shines beautifully. I’m rooting for you and I hope your family will give you a break while you’ll be there. And if not, you know everyone here will keep supporting you. Always. :heart:

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