Struggling / discouraged

Really struggling with a lot recently and feeling so discouraged . Need encouragement to keep on fighting


You are a fighter and you have fought through a lot of hard times in the past. You can do it again! I don’t know what you’re struggling with exactly right now but you’re strong, capable, and you will get through this challenging time. Keep up the good fight. Better days are ahead and you will be there to enjoy them :star: We believe in you and we’re here for you

Hey @Carseaj,

You are strong. And that strength within you is able to move mountains. You are not defeated. You are not done. But you are also allowed to rest when you need it. You are allowed to lean on others to help you carrying this heaviness that’s been weighing on your shoulders. You are not alone.

If you want to talk about what’s making you feel discouraged lately, please feel free to share about it here. We’re all willing to listen and support you the best way we can. During difficult times, relying on each other in safe places can be needed, and that’s okay. Together we’re stronger my friend. Hang in there. We believe in you. :heart:

Hi @Carseaj -

Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad you felt comfortable opening up here. This is a good place to be, and there is so much support here for you. I understand that things have been tough, and it’s discouraging, but you have got this. Sometimes, we just need to slow ourselves down and allow ourselves to take some deep breaths. Sometimes we allow others to take on some of the weight so we can right ourselves again.

Keep holding on. You’re strong and you will ride out this storm.

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