Struggling in my faith kind of?

So if I could preferably id love the opinion of another Christian on this one it would be nice:) over the course of the pandemic I have not gone back to church yet and I really dont have many friends let alone not many christian friends who are a good influence. My parents are ‘christian’ but they (mainly my mom) does not really follow in her faith a lot so really, I am not a christian for the sake of others. Its because I chose the lifestyle but as you can imagine… not going to church for a year and not being in union with other believers I feel like my relationship with God has suffered a lot and I feel kinda lost and super guilty about it. I feel betrayed by the church because I had a fall out with a nasty youth minister probably a half a year ago, over politics OFC. It wasnt even me going to church voicing my opinion either. it was something I chose to repost on my own social media account that she went out of her way to be rude about it. I dont like how some christians lately have chosen to behave :confused: it bothers me. I started my walk with Jesus probably when I was in 7th grade (always been a christian lol this is just when I chose to take it seriously ) and now I am a junior in highschool and feel like I have never been more far from God. Another thing that makes me feel more separated from other believers and such (it may sound silly) but I consider myself to be emo for sure and I feel my music taste // fashion sense may ‘scare’ other christians and they might see it as ‘wrong’ even though in actuality it is not. There is nothing wrong with being a darker person. God creates us all with our own quirks and I think you can use your light for Gods glory you know ? I guess I just came here to vent this and see if anyone has opinions on how I can get on track with God again:/ I try to read my bible as much as I can. I know the more prayer time and bible time I have… consistency can help fix it a lot. Its just after you fall out of those things they seem so big and scary and its like where do I even begin ? I mean heck after a while of letting yourself linger away its like is this stuff even real? Yes, I know it is. I believe in God and have followed him for a while for a reason. I just wish I knew how to fix things. I want a devoted life to God. I feel id be so much more content in life if this was something I was able to fix. I would have a lot more peace.


Hey cs15, I see that times are tough for you right now, and I get that. It feels that when we are stressed it’s hard to get connected but I know you can push through. There’s nothing wrong with having a darker side, even I do many times. I don’t think it’s right for others to judge you about what you want to do. There is nothing said against that so I believe that you should keep doing what you feel you need to do. Even when times are tough, God is there to help you prevail, and will always be there through the Holy Ghost to tell you what you need to do. Even if other members seem to fall away, you need to keep being humble and faithful and I know these tough times will end. Just keep praying for safety and I know he can help you. Just keep listening. Just keep learning “Learn of me . . . and ye shall find rest unto your souls” <3


Thank you for your encouragement:)


Hey @cs15 Thanks for writing!

In my eyes, what even is “Christian” nowadays because there is so much denominations, the bible is built on the one stance of Following Jesus, you don’t have a religion, but a relationship.

It breaks my heart as a youth minister, that you had a fall out with a nasty youth minister about politics, ultimately what you have to remember is all of us are people, we aren’t perfect. You may not agree with us on what we say, and that’s perfectly okay!

The bible calls us to COME AS YOU ARE. Jesus says to COME AS YOU ARE. He doesn’t care how you look, what kind of music you listen to. I even have Pink hair and he still calls me to COME AS I AM.

Best way of getting back on track with God is praying. Pray for him to show you his love again. Surround yourself with Christian believers in the Gospel. God sent his son for you so you may have peace. Once with Jesus, he will never leave you. Though you may leave him, he won’t leave you.

You can always invite him back into your life by asking him to move.

If needed, I’d love to pray for you and talk to you about your walk with God.

With Love
Your Brother In Christ


Thank you so much! I absolutely would love if you would be keeping me in your prayers & it would be great to talk more about it. There is just so much to unpack lol. Ive been struggling with this for a good while now, I just dont feel as though I can talk to the people around me about the struggle with my faith. And right! It was very rude and unprofessional of her to do that. I completely agree we should be able to disagree on things without getting nasty. Its a shame the same minister did some other things that werent cool as well. When she got rude with me that was kind of the ‘last straw’ to me leaving that church. I am still looking for another one so hopefully I can get involved with a youth group this summer ? I would hope I could meet some new people and connect with other christians then and it would make things better. So hard to find a good church these days though



If you have a Discord, my name on it is DuckMakesThings#8898 I’d love to talk to you about it all and see what we can do to help your faith!

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Thanks so much ! I sent you a friend request :slight_smile:

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