Struggling Recovering Alcoholic

I am 33, married and an alcoholic. I can be sober for two months then drink on a constant repeat. Lately my wife an I have been fighting and my anger is up! I want to drink badly but do not want to be a disappointment to my wife or my kids. Side note, kids are from a previous marriage and live with their mom.

Alcohol is so brutal but you are not alone in this.

I medicate my emotions with alcohol. I’m an avoider. I hate feeling anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness: so I drink. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m in counseling and my wife is not happy with me.

One thing that my counselor told me that’s stuck with me is that a person can’t pick and choose which emotions to feel. So my drinking to medicate the bad emotions has resulted in me numbing ALL emotions. I’ve had to learn how to stop drinking long enough to sit with my emotions and deal with them. When I do this, I also have the good emotions return too.

Quitting is super hard but you are worth being free of the bondage. Your wife is worth it. Your kids are worth it. You deserve to have freedom from this and so do I.

Hey there friend,
know you’re not alone in this struggle. I just wanna tell you that i believe in you. You can overcome this. God’s got you and will be there to help you out.
The best advice i can offer is to let your anger out in a healthier way. Maybe go to the gym and let it all out there, or mosh (if that’s your kind of thing). Go outside and take a walk and listen to some good positive music. Not anything bad or negative. I’ll list a few suggestions below. Maybe get some counseling. And last but not least try praying. Idk if that’s your thing or not but that’s what’s helped me in dealing with my emotions and problems. When i feel like i screw everything up, i give it all to God and it feels like theres this weight lifted off my shoulders.
You got this friend. I believe in you, We all do and so does God :slight_smile:

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