Struggling this week

Hi all,

Struggling a bit this week! I go through these cycles in my life where everything feels hazy. It feels like I’m present, but disengaged and not active. It’s hard for me to balance the energies in my life to what is really important. I often struggle with shame, and the voice (not actually a voice, that’d be a whole other issue :P) that tells me I don’t deserve the great life that I have. It’s really difficult to snap out of these cycles and be present and actively engaged in my life. I get on autopilot and it’s really hard to snap out of it. Does anyone else feel this at times?

Anyway, just thought I’d share. The more I talk about it with people the better it gets. Trying to pursue habits that engage me mentally instead of distract me.

Hi hmgospo!

I go through this too! What I try to do is journal! I start with writing down five things I’m thankful for and sometimes I write more than five. Other days, I’ll also write how I’m feeling and what is going on in life. I feel like I also go into autopilot, especially during the weekdays since its so much routine. I also try to read self-help books to try to learn how to deal and cope with my feelings!

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@Lisa Thanks for the tip! I journal every couple of days but should get in the habit of doing so everyday. I used to listen to/read self-help books as well, but it’s been quite a while. Those help me stay connected with myself. Thanks again!

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Hey friend, I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling this way recently. I know how it feels to be there but not “present”. It definitely sucks and it can be hard to break out of. For me, the place I’ve started is recognizing that the thought “I don’t deserve x, y, or z” is a lie. These thoughts aren’t based in anything actually true. If you feel shame or like you’re not deserving of a great life or happiness due to things from your past, just know that that isn’t true; your past might be a part of you, but it doesn’t define who you are. We all make mistakes, and we all deserve happiness and to move past them.

You’re not alone friend, hold fast!

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