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Struggling to keep moving forward


Hey guys… I feel horrible… I’ve been applying for jobs, trying to find something. And so far my efforts have been in vain… I feel like my life is stagnant and I’m becoming increasingly hopeless. I see most of the people I went to campus with… They are already settled in their careers and im here with nothing but rejection. I legit have nobody to speak to. I am so lonely and tired.


Hey friend,

Applying for jobs is really difficult - it’s a long and tedious process, and companies are very picky on who they hire. It’s hard to get a job! Your efforts are not in vain. I am not sure what you have already done to prepare for your job/s, but you may need to reevaluate the not-fun stuff like:

  1. How can I prepare/practice for an interview?
  2. Is my resume written well?

I’m not trying to downplay your efforts because I do understand applying isn’t fun and is difficult, just want to make sure there isn’t anything that you could work on to make the situation a little better. Maybe you could reach out to those people you see on campus and see how they got their jobs - some people can refer others. And once you get a job, hopefully your peers will also become your friends.

Best of luck to you!!



Keep moving Forward. Every Person find’s His Job And His fit in Life. It Takes maybe Longer in your Case, but that’s fine. It’s Not Always the best in being First at all the Things. I’d rather be the Last with a Job, but with the best Job for me, as would be the first, but the ugliest Job.