Struggling to sleep lately

Ever since i had my Suicidal thoughts, I haven’t been able to fall asleep at all,I’ve also been having Nightmares from the thoughts, i don’t know what do anymore,I’ve tried a lot of things to fall sleep.


Hey, @Horselover200246! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts and nightmares. Are you able to speak to a doctor or a therapist who may be able to help you? I have chronic nightmares, so I understand how they can really put you in a bad mindset, and if they are affecting you very negatively and making it hard to sleep, it may be worth talking to someone or seeing if maybe a sleep aid could be useful.

Some people like to drink teas or warm beverages before they go to sleep, and lavender chamomile tea is thought to be relaxing, which can make sleeping easier. Maybe you could also try watching some lighthearted cartoons or videos before going to sleep to kind of get your mind in a more happy/calm state.

It sounds like this is affecting you a lot, so I do think it may be worth it to speak to a doctor about what you are dealing with, and/or confiding in close friends or your parents.


Hi friend,

This sounds incredibly difficult and painful. I imagine it feels so frustrating that you can’t even escape your pain in your sleep. The one place that you should be able to find some peace is in your dreams and even those have turned against you.

The suicidal thoughts are one issue and the sleep is another. To the suicidal thoughts my encouragement is that you are so much more important than you think you are. You are worthy. You are loved and there is a less painful future on the horizon.

Your struggles with sleep inspired me to make an instagram post on HS about it. I hope this helps!

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I haven’t been able to talk to any therapist or doctors, my two closest friends are trying to help me.

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Thank you i will check out the Instagram post in a bit

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