Struggling tonight

Feeling like this world is better off without me . Really struggling tonight. I am going through so much pain and things feel like it won’t get better . I am so tired of fighting even though I know I shouldn’t quit



I encourage you to listen to this song. It is called Don’t Do It by Havok.

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From: Zephirah (Discord)

You deserve so much more than the things that you are feeling right now. You deserve all of the happiness in the world. We love you and are always around if you need someone to talk to!

From: RocquetMan (Discord)

Hey, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing. The world is not better off without you. You are needed here. You have a purpose and it may be difficult to see right now but there is a reason that you are here. You wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t. It’s ok to struggle. You’re allowed to experience emotions and you’re allowed to not be ok. I hope you can find a hobby that brings you joy or a good book that you can lose yourself in for a few hours. You deserve that. Be kind to yourself. Hold fast.

From: Ash (Discord)

hi friend I am so sorry you feel like you are better off not being here but let me say this the world would be left with a hole. A hole where you belong. You do belong here and you are good enough and that you are loved. I know you are tired of fighting and that you feel as if you can not keep going but in the end it will be worth it. We stand here with you struggling along with you. You are not alone in this battle at all. I see a picture of someone trying to carry a heavy load and than here comes the support team to help them. That is us. Tell us how can we help.

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From: ʚʚʚ (Discord)

the world would be better WITH you, getting rid of yourself will just make things worse.

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From: TheNightingale (Discord)

Hey Carseaj! I’m so sorry you’re going through a hard time right now, but I’m proud of you for knowing that giving up isn’t the answer! You are very much loved by everyone here, and we appreciate you sharing your feelings with us. Focus on the little happy moments day by day, and it will get easier and the world will get brighter. Keep on fighting! Love, everyone

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From: monke1 (Discord)

I feel the same way, but your pain might be different I’m sorry to know that your going through a rough time, but thinking the world doesnt want you is wrong… the world wants your because u have a purpose on earth.

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From: Brett (Discord)

The best thing you said was that you know you shouldn’t quit, and I agree. Why stop now? You made it this far! What if an opportunity lies around the corner? So much can happen in a short time. There’s just so much to look forward to if you simply keep going. It’d be terrible to lose you to begin with, but it would also be terrible if you missed turning the corner by just a few moments. You are cared about here. We want to see you do well. And just never give up!

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From: Micro (Discord)

This world is better with you in it. Really. This pain that you feel is so deep and so real, but it’s not conditioning your future, friend. I’ve felt and keep feeling as you do, at times, and I know it’s really hard to even just wrap our head around the idea of hope during these times. But as you are a fighter you know that the next days keep offering different possibilities. For the time needed, it’s okay to rest. But maybe now would be also a time for self-reflection too. How has been your strategy to fight until now? What are your needs? Do you have a solid support system? It’s okay to hit a wall from time to time, and it’s okay to meditate on how to walk around it and keep moving on. You are not defeated, I promise. This is only a crossroad in your life, and it’s okay to adapt your strategies. Disappearing is not the solution. The very fact that you are here today, reaching out, was a first step. Let’s keep moving together, friend. Please let us now a little more about you if you’re comfortable with it, and let us know how we can support you. You’re not alone. You are loved dearly. <3

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