Struggling with cooling heart down

So, it’s currently sat Feb 11, 2023. And I’m typing this at 1:05 AM. Does anybody know how to make a heart cool down because my heart is beating a little fast and I’m trying to take as much deep breaths as I can to get rid of this situation. I hope someone can relate to this because I too have struggled with my mental health back in 2020 when COVID has first hit. Please let me know what I should do or how to get rid of it. Thanks.

Anthony Castillo


Welcome to Heart Support @AnthonyCastilloMusic. I hope you find this community a safe place to talk about what is happening in your life.

You say your heart is beating “a little fast” and deep breaths aren’t helping. There can be so many reasons for your heart to beat fast. There can be both emotional or physical causes for this. Is this something that happens regularly or is this the first time? Have you ever been evaluated by a doctor for this? If you are having a difficult time with this, getting it evaluated by a medical professional would be a good first step. None of us here are medical or mental health professionals, we’re your peers. We care about you.

If you’ve already been to a doctor about this, follow their advice. Is there more you would like to share about what is going on in your life? Sometimes getting the conversation going can help. You matter and I would like to hear more if you feel like sharing.

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hello friend, Thank you for posting. It sounds like you are having anxiety attacks due to being worried about something, if it is covid please order yourself a test online and put your mind at rest. Back to the anxiety, the deep breaths is good and there are a few other things you can try also, I will put them under this post for you. Lisa x

What Is the 5 Senses Grounding Technique?

The 5 senses grounding technique, often referred to as the 54321 method or 54321 anxiety trick is a tool that helps relieve anxiety symptoms and panic attacks. The 54321 method can be used as a practical way to calm anxiety by isolating each of your senses through observation. Using your senses is a great way to reconnect with your body when you feel overwhelmed, have difficulty concentrating, or feel anxious.

How to Use the 54321 Method

Using the 54321 method, you are isolating each one of your senses and observing a certain number of things using that specific sense. Before you begin, practice some deep breathing and notice as your racing heart rate begins to slow. Don’t rush this exercise as it’s intended to help you become grounded and decrease your anxiety.

To use the 54321 rule for anxiety, do the following:

1. Focus On 5 Things You Can See

Noticing and naming things you can see really helps you to become focused on where you are in the moment. Sure, you could most likely name more than 5 things you can see, however, zero in on five. Notice the size, shape, and color of things you see. Mentally, take note of each one and how it relates to the rest of the environment.

2. Focus On 4 Things You Can Touch

Touch is another great way to ground yourself. Focus on things that feel comforting, such as the top of your legs, your ring, your water bottle, or your pen. Notice what you feel when you touch the four things. Notice the texture – Is it soft? Rough? Flexible or hard? Heavy or light?

3. Focus On 3 Things You Can Hear

Sound is one of those senses that have different levels of stimulation and observation. Focusing on three things you can hear, you may notice yourself noticing the loudest sounds first, such as someone talking, a car honking, or music playing. While focusing on these sounds can be helpful, they may also be part of the reason you feel overstimulated, leading you to feel anxious.

Challenge yourself to listen to the more quiet sounds that tend to be in the background unnoticed. This will help you to become more mindful and isolate those sounds from the rest of the environment. Some sounds you may notice are the leaves blowing in the wind, the sound of someone scratching their head, or the hum of an air conditioner or refrigerator. Notice which sounds bring you a sense of comfort and calm.

Notice which sounds may be too loud and consider lowering them if it is within your control, such as the volume of the TV. Lastly, notice which sounds are rhythmic or abrupt; which do you prefer to pay attention to?

4. Focus On 2 Things You Can Smell

Finding two things you can smell may be challenging, but smell is a great tool to elicit emotions, memory, and even hunger. When calming and pleasant, it can ease anxiety and improve your mood. Other smells can help you feel relaxed, promoting a deeper sleep. Of course, you have unpleasant smells or smells that elicit feelings of grief or bad memories.

When practicing 54321 and identifying two things you can smell, you may want to put on your favorite lotion or use hand sanitizer. You may also choose to spritz your perfume or use an essential oil. You can also choose to smell other things like your hair, your shirt, or a book nearby. Notice if there are any other smells, such as someone’s cooking that you may not have observed prior.

5. Focus On 1 Thing You Can Taste

Lastly, focus on something you can taste. Consider popping in a piece of gum or a mint, or taking a sip of your drink. Similar to the sense of smell, taste can help you bring back memories (pleasant or unpleasant). If you don’t have anything nearby to create a noticeable taste, you can still be mindful of what the inside of your mouth tastes.


From: ManekiNeko

hey there, thanks for reaching out, is this something new or do you often feel this way? Sometimes refocusing on something can be helpful, have a nice cold drink of water, take some deep breaths, engage with a friend or loved one. If it’s something that is persistent, then maybe asking a dr might be helpful. Sometimes people find doing some meditations helpful. I like to have a candle burning and lay on my back and listen to white noise for a little bit. Hope that helps x

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Hey @AnthonyCastilloMusic, I just wanted to send some friendly thoughts your way today, hoping that you have been feeling better since you’ve posted.

Covid has definitely been taking a toll on the mental health of so many, and I’m really sorry that it is something that you’ve been experiencing as well. It has been such an uncontrollable, overwhelming event, which makes it completely understandable to have a hard time with anxiety and calming down in stressful situations. Our friends have shared some great techniques regarding how to relax and slow down when it feels like our own heart is about to break. Another tip that I would suggest is to try to look at your environment and describe what you see out loud, with as many details as possible. You focus on one object or element, describe it in full details, then when you are done with it you move on to another object or element. The idea is to help shift your focus and attention, so that your heart can slow down and the tension in your body to decrease.

How has it been for you since you’ve posted? Do you manage to find and use some new coping mechanisms? I would love to hear from you, if you would like to share of course.

You’re loved.