Struggling with eating disorder

Ive been struggling with not eating for days to weeks. This week i didn’t eat like barley anything until today my friends and family convinced me to eat something since i was having manger problems with not feeling like crap or going to fell like going to faint. I ate 2 bowls of soup tonight an i feel alot better then i did before.


Hey there, welcome to the forums and community firstly!
Secondly, I understand, it can be a big struggle to find doing basic human needs. While I do not struggle with eating no food I do struggle eating to much, if you want try to schedule times where you eat a certain amount of calories and reach to the minimum of calories needed for the day.

I use this article to give me a good idea of what I need:

Now this is just so you can get an idea of how much you should eat, I understand that stress affects your eating habits.

BUT if you have a doctor who is keeping in check with you then I highly advise you follow their regime. This is just me sharing experiences and how I deal with my bad eating habits. But I’m sure you will find people here who have ED too, you aren’t alone in your experience friend!


Hey @Shaylynnk20081,

Thank you so much for being here and sharing all of this. :heart: I’ve struggled with eating disorders for too long and I’m really sorry that eating has been difficult for you lately. It’s hard when something that’s supposed to be easy, almost natural, becomes very complex and painful.

May I ask if you know why you don’t eat? For example: is it to lose weight? Or because you can’t find the motivation to cook lately? Or because you can’t feel any hunger? Identifying the reasons behind this could be really helpful for you to know how to tackle the problem, and receive the right support. I’d love to understand a little more your situation and hear your perspective about this.


the reason why I don’t eat is I’m insecure about my body so i want to lose weight I’ve also haven’t really had any hunger lately


Buy some vitamin B supplments, gives you much more energy and makes you super hungry. I have trouble eating too, whether it be too little or too much. My diet consists of binging and starving, since my body never seems to be hungry, even though I have a huge love for food. When you start taking Vitamin B supplments all those processes start back up and you become more motivated to eat and do normal things. I’d suggest trying that out. Losing weight won’t matter to you when you get your energy back.

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I was overweight in my childhood, while at the same time malnourished and anemic. Then I started losing weight, getting it back, losing it again, and so on, until about 15 years ago. As a child, I was an emotional eater, but we were poor and our food was not very nutritious. That’s how I managed to be overweight and malnourished at the same time.

You may or may not remember Jackie Gleason, but he was overweight all this life, and as he explained it, he didn’t have enough to eat as a child, therefore, never wanted to feel hungry again.

Our bodies evolved to eat raw foods, and far fewer calories than we consume these days. That’s why it’s so difficult to maintain weight while consuming low fiber and high calorie content foods. I have a suspicion that the naturally slender people of today would not have survived in our distant past. And those who are overweight now might have been the perfect weight back then.

Adjusting your weight, and maintaining it, requires consistency in diet. If you eat about the same amount every day, and adjust your intake just a little bit at a time, until you are losing just a little bit of weight weekly, you’re far more likely to reach your goal weight and maintain it. If you try to rush it by starving yourself, you’ll end up losing ground. You are also at risk of losing muscle mass rather than fat. A consistent diet makes it less likely that you will have days where you feel like crap.

Exercise helps a person maintain muscle, while losing fat. It also triggers endorphins, which improves mood, and decreases excess appetite.

I consider weight management to involve elements of emotion, spirituality, life organization, self-love, and confidence. In fact, with success, a person’s entire outlook on life improves. That improvement reinforces success. 15 years ago, I lost 100 pounds, and have gained none of it back.

I hope you can find some local support and encouragement. Until that happens, you can always come back here.


i do remember Jackie Gleason and yeah maybe your right

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