Struggling with everything right now

Struggling right now just to stay focused and dedicated on my recovery. Right now life is really hard. We are struggling with going through my late uncles house and with all sorts of debt from when we had our son. I really just want to cut to feel some sort of control over something in my life. I know it won’t help in the long run but right now it just seems so tempting. We are currently working with a couple people to get our debt under control so hopefully that won’t be as stressful. I feel like a failure. My husband is picking up so much of my slack and is taking care of our little guy as I try to just survive. It’s been almost 2 months since I relapsed and I feel like I haven’t been getting better.

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Stress is the worst possible thing to anyone. Especially with deathing with a family death. There is no reason to feel like a failure. Everyone gets behind. Everyone hurts and deals with the punches. And don’t see your last two months as a bad thing. It’s amazing that you relapsed and have gone two whole months! I’m proud of you for just that. I know many on here are. Just remember to breathe and just take one thing at a time. It’ll be easier to deal with that way. And no matter what. We are here for you.

Hi Spat,

First of all, I just want to tell you, you are NOT a failure. I know it’s easy to fall into that thought when things are hard and we are struggling. But you are not a failure.

I think it’s incredibly great that you have a husband there to help you in getting things done during such a hard time. What a wonderful thing to be grateful for.

Just remember, you are so important and it’s important to be gentle with yourself. I know how tempting it can be to do self destructive things when things around us feel like they are falling apart. But like you said, in the long run it wont help. It’ll just cause you to feel worse and fall further into those self deprecating feelings.

You are not alone my friend. We are here to offer you love and support. Hold fast.

  • Kitty