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Struggling with health specifically auto immune and it sucks !

Right? With auto immune there’s a sense of injustice - why doesn’t my body just work the way it’s supposed to? Why did I draw the short straw? It’s hard to feel like your body /could/ solve its own problems but DOESN’T. And the powerlessness / hopelessness of the situation, that there are few answers, few doors to walk through, few slivers of hope - if any - is depressing. It forces your hand towards acceptance, but to accept reality would be to forfeit so much of what you expected out of life. It is a death, of sorts - of dreams, of hopes. And it’s hard to ever be ready to admit or accept that. Pushing back feels more comfortable, even if it is fruitless. Just all feels so damn pointless.

@heartsupportwall6 :100: % ! Nailed it

I too have struggled with having auto immune disorders for many years. It’s sucks because we look perfectly healthy and fine but inside we’re constantly exhausted, in pain and feeling like we can only do a small part of what we want or the world expects us to do. There are times that people don’t believe that you really are this ill. It’s not going to go away, and usually it only gets better for a period of time before it flares up again. So how do we live with this? That has been my focus -learning how to actually LIVE while having something that so deeply impacts my ability to function in daily life. My first change was how I look at what I CAN do rather than what I can’t. Having a positive focus gave me something to build on. Next was to make my self care a huge priority. I can’t pour from an empty cup and when I get depleted, symptoms really ramp up. I set priorities on what I will take on and do. I learned to say no to things that didn’t fit my priority list. And I decided naps are one of the best things ever invented. Know that you are not alone my friend. Please let us know how you are doing. You don’t have to walk through this alone.

@heartsupportwall8 truth!!! Even those who love with me on a daily basis don’t understand ! It’s hard and sucks ! I went from being healthy to Givin birth at the age of 27 then 3 months after I gave birth my body took a big dip! I now have rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety,depression, High BP, leaky heart valves and sleep apnea. On top of that the daily damage to my joints from the RA. I have lesions and lumps under my skin on my joints. Surgery after surgery. It’s a battle but your right I focus on what I CAN do rather then what I can’t do anymore! I’m feeling OK I been in a flare for months, my legs have been swollen for 2 years now tried everything from lasiks, stocking, elevation, ect! Nothing works. Just started remicade and pray it works because I’m exhausted and hurting! Thank you for the positive vibes! I appreciate it so much ! Praying for you :pray: