Struggling with love

I know I love someone. It’s been hard to admit that to myself. I don’t want to admit this because I don’t want to be hurt. How do I tell them? I’m so afraid to lose this person. I want them to know how I feel. I also feel depressed thinking that they will shut me out. I think they have feelings for me too but I’m not sure. Why does my brain have to be this way?


HI @StruggleBus

This is a pretty scary decision, to tell someone we have feelings for them and not knowing how they feel about us. Then, our inner critic starts to trick us and put negative thoughts in our head about the bad things that might happen if we’re honest and tell them.

What about the good things that can happen? What if this person does has feelings for you, but is nervous to bring it up as well? They might be going thru the same thing you are.

This is a decision only you can make, but sometimes trusting our heart works. <3


Hi @StruggleBus

Oh gosh, its hard enough isnt it when you have tell yourself the truth.
I have been where you are right now and to be honest with you there is no right or wrong thing to do here. The one thing I think that you do need to consider is if they do not feel the same how are you going to deal with that? are you happy to remain as before you said it? If the answer is yes then you have nothing to lose I feel especially if you think they too may have feelings. I do understand all of the worrying thoughts and Im sure you get the nausea feeling too when you think about it. One of the reasons our bodys and brains act like this is so that we protect ourselves but I think on this occasion its over reacting on your behalf and stressing you out.
I hope that whatever decision you make, makes you happy, settled and ready for a bright new year. love is meant to be a good thing. Take care friend. Lisa x

All you can do is be open with them about your feelings if they don’t reciprocate it’s on them what’s important is that you love yourself because nobody else will love you as yourself.

Hi Friend. Love is one of those things that can really turn our world upside down, right? It’s both amazing and uncomfortable. It’s beautiful and it’s scary. I hope that you will find the courage to say what’s on your heart. Life is so short. I think not saying what we want and need to say is what often leads to the most regret in life. This is just my personal opinion so your mileage may vary. This person sounds very important to you. I know the fear of losing someone because of love is such a wild thing to think about. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I believe in taking chances. Thank you for posting.

Hi @StruggleBus

Here to check up with you. Did you and this person talk things out? I’m hoping things have been well for you, and this is no longer a struggle for you. Keep us updated.