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Struggling with my life

Im struggling with my life… It feels like utter chaos everyday. I am a metal drummer and my drums are my release. At this point I can not play them. I’m married with absolutely zero support coming from her. I’m made to be a slave for her. Idk, I just feel worthless, with no motivation or purpose… I need help…

Have you tried to get marriage counselling I am metal head myself so I can relate to you. Have you thought about getting professional help? This website has links to resources its all I can tell you be string and know you are loved and cared for on here.

I am so sorry to hear you are suffering in your marriage and with feelings of no purpose or direction. You should not have to deal with that alone and knowing your spouse isn’t there for you in the way you need can be devastating. If you haven’t looked into some sort of counseling, I would strongly urge you to as well so you can share these thoughts with someone who can provide some clarity and direction.

We are here for you as well and can at least offer hope and consolation. You are loved and you have incredible worth and value in the eyes of God and of course we are here to support you. Stay strong my friend!

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@Jojosmores Here is the video response from my stream earlier. If you want me to send the art I made for you, just email me:
[email protected]

Hold Fast


Thank you so much! Things have gotten easier in the past few days, I feel the love here! You all are awesome! Thank you for your support, and I love the drawing! Me and my step sons are very into Pokemon, thank you so much again!