Stuck and dying inside

I kinda feel like I’m stuck in my life, and things are starting to matter less and less. No matter how I try and dig myself out of this hole I am in, then I seem to fall right back in it. It’s coming to that point, where suicide is becoming an option, and as scary as it is, then at the same time, it would end the pain and suffering I’m in. Life so far has only brought me misery, and getting tired of hoping for better

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I get you. I feel alot like I’m never going to get anywhere or grow, that the world is fading out of focus and nothing really matters. Allowing yourself to think that is part of stopping you. You’re tired, and that’s okay.
“If I fall, I will rise back up and relive my glory” - In The End, BVB
Sometimes you don’t only hope for better, you fight for better. So don’t give up. There’s someone somewhere in the world who could really need you one day. There’s you. I believe there’s something more inside that you don’t see right now. Just know that we believe in you, and you are never alone in this fight we all fight in ourselves.
Counting Stars - Aelonia

Hey there.

I can understand where you’re coming from in regards to feeling like you’re taking too many steps backwards in life. Sometimes it can be extremely disheartening when you take steps backwards and you feel as though you can’t at all get ahead in life. I would highly advise taking a listen to Dayseeker’s Origin album.

Dayseeker personally has always made me feel as though I had a connection with others that felt the same way. That the only way out was to no longer be there. However, because of that conection, I always felt as though it gave me the strength to press on in everything I needed to in my life.

There’s no preperation for life regarding how to deal with failure, or greiving, or even how to deal with bad break-ups. Life can be incredibly difficult but it’s the light that you make out of it that makes it all worth it. Sometimes in life we have to take 15 steps back before we can take a step forward but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I hope you find the hope and the love and the guidance you’re looking for. In regards to listening to Dayseeker, I adivse taking a listen to Origin, Collision.Survive, and Hollow Shell for starters.

In Kind Regards,

Hey friend.
i understand. It can get so tiring and frustrating after we’ve already taken so much. But theres still hope. Each minute is time to better ourselves. To remove ourselves from the things that bring us down, and surround ourselves with the things that will help us. That are filled with the hope we all need. You can grow through the pain. I believe in you. You are stronger and worth so much more than you know.
I understand where you are coming from, but there is so much beauty around. We may not see it and it sure may not feel like it. But i promise, it’s there growing from ashes.
Seek out the beautiful and good things in life and maybe keep a gratitude journal! It may seem weird but i feel that’s what can help us see beauty in the midst of suffering and pain. You are strong friend, i believe in you. <3

How do you know that the pain will end? There really is no evidence that pain will end once you took your life. Worse what if it continues or gets worse? You already took your life so what then?

It is alright. We all have/were/are stuck in one way or another. You’re human. We all want the suffering to end. (Suicide is not a viable option (I am not saying it isn’t an option-it shouldn’t be imho). The only evidence left in the wake of a suicide is that it leaves everything unresolved and it affects those who were involved in your life.)

Be strong. Blessed Be.