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Stuck and suicide seems the only way out

I’ve no job, my friends hate me, no girlfriend ever, stuck living with my dad and nothing i do seems to change that, I just turned 30.

I’ve saved up enough antidepressants to overdose, I’ll spend one last week with my Dog and go to the woods and take them all.

My life is just an endless stream of failure.

I doubt anyone would even notice and doubt even more that they would even find my body.

We are all at a crossroads in our life but suicide is not the best thing to take away out pain. We may not be in pain when we dies but we leave the pain behind for others to take our family and our friends even though we may not see eye to eye with them just know hope is there and you just got to examine yourself and just let your family know you need help. Speak up it’s OK to speak up but don’t take the pills. I am crying as I read this because I lost my cousin recently due to what your thinking of doing she was 29 years old and felt that her lover was gonna leave her. But it’s hard for people no matter any age to find a job and a relationship. But I know if you may not believe in God. But God is real to me and he has been with me since I was born I shouldn’t be alive at all my mother was barren and couldn’t have kids then I was born. My life is a beautiful struggle so is everyones it’s beautiful and it’s hard. Your not alone reaching out is the first step in recovery. And people may think church isn’t the best place because it’s not the building in everything it’s the people you surround yourself with but just know there is a God who loves you my Dude and the church is a place for sick people not people who need to be healed. It’s for people who are in need of a Savior and God and Jesus can be that savior if you chose to. Life is choices which are you going to chose life or death and death that leads to nothing but pain for the people you leave behind.

Hey friend,

I know how hard it is not to see past your currently struggles, but taking your own life is not the answer. You may think people won’t notice, but they will. Your struggles do not define you! I can hear the hurt in your words of a person who wants things to get better. I think the fact that you want to get better is what you should focus on, because the hardest part is getting started. Don’t rest in failure. Use the past as a propeller not an anchor. There are a lot of people your age that are either going through the same or have gone through the same fight as you are at the same age; healing and progress takes time, and that’s OK. Agony today is tomorrow’s strength! God has the power to turn nothingness into beauty. He is there for us in the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. There is a purpose destined for you that will be brought to fulfillment. I highly encourage you to read the book of James; it is one of the most motivating sections of scripture you can find. Even if you are not a believer, just read the words and meditate on the motivation and the power they contain!

Your time here on earth is not done yet my friend. You have the ability to turn your situation around and turn it into a powerful testimony of success, restoration, perseverance!

I came on today really struggling, and one comment made a difference with me, and I really hope you notice me making an effort for you, because you do matter, you are noticed.

One of my therapists said that suicide is never the answer, but it does look like one. She said that pain is cyclical, and it can build up enough to break us, and when we break we just want something to relieve the pain, but we dont know how to handle it, and we naturally try to make the pain go away the fastest.

Take the week to play with your dog, really show them how much you care, give them a walk, treats, baths, everything you can possibly do. And know the look they return is a one deserving because that dog noticed you. I’m sorry I keep referring to your dog in the third person, I just know you said dog, and I know enough that you care about him/her.

It will take time, but try new things. The comfort in life can make it easy, and the small risks we take can have huge impacts. Walk your dog in a different neighborhood, go to a different park, if they are sick, carry them if you can. You matter. The small things you do in this world can matter so much to it. You might not think you matter but the universe needs you for your dog


I promise you that people will notice, people do care. I cannot say that i understand exactly what you are thinking but i can relate, what i do understand is that you are struggling. You may believe that there is only one answer but i promise you there is more. Even if this may not help too much, i want you to know that you are loved and that you are in no way shape or form a failure. Please rethink the decision you plan to make <3

Hey friend,

I pro.use this is not a good solution. I’ve personally been down this road with an attempt. Cause I hit rock bottom. I feel you reaching out to us the community was a cry for help to see if any one cares. An we do. We may not know the specifics but we together care and be our own support network and help in our own ways. I hope you find solace and peace of mind in our words.