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Stuck in a motel, we are going to have to sleep in my car and didn’t know what to do


Iv been driving over 17 hours to get to a wedding for a friend I haven’t seen in over a year. 3 other of my friends are driving with me and it has been over 100 degrees I don’t have air conditioning, having car troubles the and I have driven all 17 hours because the other three don’t feel comfortable driving on the freeway and there all from out of state.

We were going to stay at our at the apartment of our friend who is getting married and out of nowhere when we were 1 hour away from her house she started texting extremely meen and passive aggressive things to us and telling us we were going to have to watch her 9 younger siblings at the wedding and be the food servers there.

The 4 Of us driving together were are so confused and don’t understand what is going on we have been in the car for so long and we had a mental brake down in the middle of nowhere.

We are stuck at a really sketchy motel and contemplating on wether or not we should even go at this point. In the motel 2 of the girls had full on panic attacks and from exogostion I had a full on tourettes atack and was on the floor for over an hour convulsing

We haven’t had money for real food the last 2 days and can’t afford to stay at the motel another night so we are going to have to sleep in my car.

The others are adement about not going and have already booked flights home, i feel so conflicted about wether I should still go. I have one friend that said that she would still drive back to my house with me but that that Is another 17 hours and the thought of being in the car right no is making me cry because I know I’m going to have to drive it all all over again.

I’m at the point that I’m so tiered I can’t even sleep I don’t know what to do and I am in a lot of physical pain from my tourettes. I don’t know what to do I’m so tired and the only thing I know for certain is that I need a day to not drive because I’m spent. I just want to sleep right know but everything about the wedding, driving and not being able to afford food and a place to stay is so overwhelming


I’m so sorry to hear you guys are going through this. To say that’s a crappy thing to deal with from a friend is a huge understatement. I’ve been praying for guidance for you on what to do, safe travel, and comfort physically, mentally, and emotionally from the toll this has taken on you all.


Thank you we have been needing the prayer. It is frustrating because this morning she apologized this morning and wanted to act like everything is ok. At the same time we all feel like it will be healthyer and less drama to not go. Don’t want to ruin this friendship by duping out on her wedding but still /.\


Nice she apologized but still sucks for you guys to go through that. That’s such a hard spot to be in idk what I’d do if I was in your shoes. It stinks that weddings can be wicked for or wicked stressful.


Thank you @Efa117 your prayers and support they were very appreciated. We decided as a group not to go to the wedding and someone kind stranger got us a real breakfast (it was a needed blessing). I drive everyone home after that. After 3 days and 40 hours of driving I finally got home late last night. It was great to see the friends I got to hang out with but am very grateful that it is over now. Ya but I just wanted to thank you again for the support and wanted to let you know that we are all home and safe. Much love :heart:


That’s cool you guys decided as a group and that’s awesome someone hooked you up with a real breakfast!! Glad to hear you were able to see friends and that your travels were safe :+1: