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Stuck in despair

This may be a bit off the normal topic, but I had no where else to go with this struggle. It’s about a girl I’ve been “talking” to for almost 6 months now but with some space in between. When we met we both had gotten out of different relationships, which left some sort of emptiness. Our own company and connection seemed to have been a quick and sudden spark. With many similar traits and common things to enjoy, things took off quickly. We began around March and soon ended late April due to her needing “a break” (truly, what does that mean?) and yes, we both agreed things had moved too quick and so this break would perhaps help us find exactly where the “relationship” stood. With very little to days of almost no communication, we decided to once again meet up and see how things were in our lives. Spending a great day together, my thoughts were around the speculation of things being “great.” Almost a week later, things once again have become distant and cold, to the point that the mind wanders in very confusing thoughts as for where do we stand. She mentioned having a therapist to help her with her struggles and therefore at times needing that time alone to herself. These are things anyone could and should understand, but it just feels like she’s not letting me in. At times it even feels like I’m an option, am I wrong for having such turmoil? Should I let go? Communicate it with her? Stick around? A weird advise for help, but the feeling of not knowing keeps me up at night and quite frankly, sad. Don’t know what else to do.

Sorry to hear you’re going through this. These situations are definitely tough. With her seeing a therapist like you mentioned, maybe she working on things that will help provide her clarity on life in general and that will help with things between you two.


Yes! I sure hope so my friend.

it will be all right you just have to pull through

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This is definitely at tough situation to be from my own personal experience I know when I have struggles and become shut in I just usually need to be get better sometimes talking helps to. So I would say be patient or if you would wanna reach try asking simple questions like how you feeling today or something to show your interested and you there to support her.

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This is hard because every situation is different. I’ve stuck around for people that were actually worth it, and I’ve also let people go that I didn’t think were worth it. I think it’s kind of your call. If you want to try to stick it out for a while and see if she opens up, I would do that. But I also don’t think you should put a lot of time and effort into someone that causes you stress, anxiety, depression, or that overall makes life harder. You are still what is most important.