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Ive been in an environment where change is least, no resources to make a positive change even when i want to make change. its hard to make a difference while so much bad surrounds me. i need an uplifting of some sort. who do i turn to? Life is so difficult for me now, ive attempted suicide but no go.confide in someone i cant. ive pushed away my closest friend. amends i have to.

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I have felt like this before. I would distant everyone in my life away, but I slowly realized that I needed those people. You have this community called HeartSupport. We have written books about depression called Dwarf Planet and one on self harm called Rewrite. Check them out, they have helped me in so many ways and I hope they help you as well. Just remember that whatever you are dealing with, we are here for you. Always. Thank you for sharing this. You are loved. Hold Fast.


yeah ive slowly pushed people away that i needed and cant get em back but through sobriety i can show or make a difference in those or in their prospective. its hard and time will heal one way or another, i will take a look at at it and yeah im sure it will help

Hey friend - are you dealing with substance abuse rn or is it just something you’ve had to deal with before? I have not had that problem myself, but I have close family that I live with recovering from addiction right now.

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Your message sounded a lot like u’re dealing with somekinda substance abuse, I’m an ex-addict and been sober almost four years now. So I’m kinda like a living proof that u can get over it! :heart: there’s been a lot more bad stuff in my life too than my addiction and I’ve overcome almost every single one of them… so just be strong babe. Hang in there. :heart: One day it’ll all just be a memory. (And even if your problem is about something else, I think this still holds true :pray:)


thank you and yes its not drugs or alcohol its just everything life is throwing me all at once. i have attempted suicide but all i could think about was my son and daughter. i cant leave them like this. i have been depressed for a minute and it wont go away even tho i do what im passionate bout just seems not to help.
yess it will all be a memory and donw the road i know i will hold my head up high and think back like damn i almost killed myself over something that should define me. thank you for your kind words

If you are depressed have you tried medication ? I fought it for years but it saved my life. You want to be there for your kids. If you are in the us, you can get meds from your regular doctor.

Hi Kyo,

I’m sorry you are having a hard time right now, friend. You’ve taken a good step by reaching out.

Heart Support offers a few free resources to those who are hurting. Maybe they can be of help to you?

Dwarf Planet - A guide and workbook through depression: Click Here

ReWrite - A guide and workbook through self harm: Click Here

If you visit Heart Supports Twitch channel at you will find a link in their profile panels for a 7 day free trial for an online counseling service called BetterHelp. You will be assigned a real therapist that you can either text in a private chat or schedule a voice chat. You have to enter a credit card number but as long as you cancel the service before the 7 days is up, you will NOT be charged. They also have a financial aid program that you can apply for to see if you qualify for discounts on their services after your trial is up.

Maybe one of these resources could help you.

Otherwise, you are always welcome to reach out here and share with us what is going on.

I have been in an environment like that many times in my life. Where no matter how much I wanted change I couldn’t make it happen. Often because I had to rely on other people to also make an effort in change. Other times it was because I didn’t have the means to do it myself. I know how trapping that can be. I’m really sorry you are having a hard time. I don’t know what all is going on, but I hope you will feel safe enough to share.

Much love you.

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