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Suicidal and alone

I feel suicidal and so alone i can’t do this anymore


Hey there! Welcome to the HS community! What’s going on Milly? Can you please tell us what’s going on in your situation?

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Im epileptic and diabetic and anorexic and i also have melanoma and b cell leukemia and I’m on chemotherapy treatments

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@Milly33 - I am sorry to hear you’re struggling with so much right now. Going through chemo is tough, living with epilepsy is tough, being diabetic and anorexic, having melanoma and leukemia - all of that sounds like a lot to handle.

Have you talked to a professional about how you’re feeling?

It sounds like some of these resources could really help you right now:

Suicide Lifeline in the US: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Transgender Lifeline: US: 877-565-8860 | Canada: 877-330-6366
To text a trained Crisis Counselor, text HOME 741741

MUCH LOVE and we’re here to hear you if you want to talk more.

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Thanks or supporting me

please reach out to a suicide hotline and keep us updated and also keep reaching out we care about you ! Also you are not alone . we will help you through this battle and every single battle of mental health with you!
You are not alone and you’re worth it

Thanks i appreciate it

Hugs to you Milly. I’m so sorry you’re struggling. Please get help for the way you’re feeling by calling one of the numbers MommaFox provided. You are worth being here. Please keep us posted and keep reaching out for support.

Im not worth saving and i suffered too long

hey @Milly33
the “im not worth saving” is a lie . You have breath in your lungs and you deserve to be alive!


Milly, you are worth saving. You just feel like you’re not, but those aren’t true thoughts. That is your depression talking. Don’t listen to it. Please talk to a counselor who can help you deal with all of this. I’m sure it’s overwhelming to try to handle it all on your own. Just please reach out and accept help from a counselor. They will help you get through this. Hugs to you.

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Sometimes the universe uses tragedy to teach us and help us grow. I know you probably hear this all the time but nothing ever stays the same and things can always be worse and that’s true but sometimes it depends on you. My sdvice to you is simply watch some videos about the law of attraction and try it for a little while I swear it works and stay with it no matter what.

The biggest regrets are “could have beens” like towers unfinished or a life cut too short. Your tower isn’t finished. It needs more gold at the top. God hasn’t called you back. You’re not done yet. I don’t know why not. I don’t know you. Why does God allow us to suffer? Because we agreed to it. We shouted for joy to come and get physical bodies. But why does God let us suffer? I don’t fully know. I know it makes us better and more us but I do not know how. I’m diabetic, brittle, with bipolar II and what looks like a failing nervous system. I threatened to kill myself when I was 7. It’s extremely difficult to just sit up. I keep going because it’s what you and I do. You are worth saving.

There’s this web comic called “A Softer World" it’s dark and absurd and I think that you might like it.


Thanks I’ll look it up and read it