Suicidal ,depression and lonely

I’m tired of living, I’m unsociable, a failure and I’m tired of life. Only thing keeping me from suicide is because I don’t know if the other side will be more horrible I’m confused.


Hey friend,
I hear you. You’re going through a lot right now and feeling tired of those feelings. And thats okay. But you are not in this alone. You are seen, heard, and loved RIGHT NOW. You are not a failure or anything that your mind might be telling you. YOU MATTER. I cannot say enough how much the world would suck without you in it, please stay. If you want to talk more about what you’re going through or what is leading you to feel like a failure, unsociable, and why you’re tired of living, I/we are here for you. Also, join us MWF at 10am PST for live support at I/we want to know you, your story, and encourage you. Hope to see you there, if not, this forum and all the resources HeartSupport has are available to you anytime. We’re in this together with you. Hold fast.


hey @Kayla1 ,
Im going to be brutally honest with you .

  • You are not tired of living
  • who says your unsocliable because to me your not because you are reaching out to this community talking about how you are feeling.
  • you are not a failure. You may have failed at something but that doesnt deem that you are a failure cause you are not one.
  • You say you are tired of life, what can you do to make sure you are not tired of life anymore.
  • Now commiting suicide is NOT an option and it should never be an option . I once wanted to commite suicide in 2018 but i stopped my self because i didnt want to end my life so soon .
  • You may be confused on whats happening but tbh you need to reach out to a crisis line and tell them how you are feeling or tell someone how you are feeling. Also imma give you a few links to motivational speeches givin on youtube that is on my mental health play list.( The links im giving you are not substitution for getting help but it is something to listen to see if you could relate/help you a little)
    we love you and we want you alive Kayla.

Hold fast you are worth it .
This is not the end - Fearless soul
Never give up - fearless soul
You are not alone - fearless soul



You are loved, friend. It’s okay to be confused sometimes, but you did the right thing by coming here and sharing. It means a part of you is resisting against these dark thoughts. So keep fighting. As much as you can. For your life, for yourself. Because you matter. And those feelings are not meant to last.

You are absolutely not a failure. But I understand that feeling. I thought the same about myself so many times, as it seemed that I couldn’t do anything right and I felt constantly trapped in my own struggles. Friend, you already accomplished beautiful things in your life. I’m 100% sure of that, even if we don’t know each other. But it can be a matter of time and circumstances before you can see that, before you can see that you have worth and nothing can change that. We are more inclined to see ourselves truly when we are less vulnerable, when we get rid of those lies spiraling in our mind.

I hope that you are safe right now. If at some point you feel like you may be in danger, please call a crisis line, it is absolutely safe:

There are some circumstances in the world right now that can be triggering to us and make us feel really alone and stressed. So I’d like to invite you to join the HeartSupport Discord: And I agree wholeheartedly with @Stafflower here, come joing us during the streams! You are among friends here. And you are not alone.

Hang in there. :heart:

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Hey, Kayla

I’m sorry that you have so much laying on your heart right now. I’m going to echo @Stafflower in saying that you are NOT a failure. You matter, your life matters. You are among friends and not alone. Times are challenging right now but we have a great community of people here. So I hope that you will join us at the links that were shared above. Because now is a good time for us all to come together so we can support each other. You included. You don’t have to be alone in your feelings and all that is going on.

If you want to talk about the thing that are making you feel this way, know that you can share. We are open to you.

You are loved my friend. We care

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