Suicidal feelings

These last two weeks I felt like my whole world was crashing before me. I’ve attempted to commit suicide 7 times this week and starting feel like there is no were to turn. My depression is way worse than it was and no matter who I turn to they never help me. I feel like I should just disappear and never return since I feel like no one cares

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I wish I could give you some magic words that could take away all of your burdens & all the emotions that feeling unworthy brings. I can’t do that & I’m sorry. But, what I can do is to tell you…you are not alone in this internal battle.
I feel lost & full of despair myself.
I hope that it helps to know that you are #definitely not alone in how you feel. #UnitedWeWillStand :pray::heart:

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Hey @RickyP,

You matter, friend. Please keep reaching out. Even if it doesn’t work the first or second time, it’s still possible go give an other try.

You’re dealing with heavy feelings and thoughts these days but please don’t harm yourself again. You don’t deserve this. Consider going to the hospital and talk about what happened there and the fact that you need help. There are people willing to help, and right now I can tell that I sincerely care about you. Consider going to a doctor too and talk about it. You can share about what happened so they can understand, that’s okay. If you need, just say exactly what you shared here. But until then, if you can try not to stay alone either.

There are also crisis line that you can call or join when you feel like you’re in the middle of the turmoil. Please, consider using it to break this feeling of isolation:

When you’re in a middle of a suicidal crisis, it can be difficult to think straight. So put yourself a reminder you can see somewhere and write something on your hand to remind you that this urge will pass and it’s a matter of time before it goes away.

You are not alone. Hold fast. :heart:

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