Suicidal thoughts

From closedtub104: I’m going through a tough time. dealing with ADHD and Depression. i don’t know how to act in school (now in High-School.) i have no friends. not even online friends. my parents don’t like me. my sister is rude asf. and this is the first time this has happened. (trigger warning) earlier today i had several thoughts of jumping of a bridge as i thought no one would care

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Hey @closedtub104,

Thank you so much for being here and for posting. Rest assured that we do care here. I’m personally very thankful that you are choosing to reach out and to not let these thoughts take over. You absolutely deserve to feel safe in your life, to feel loved and cared for, especially as you navigate these struggles.

I hear how lonely and isolated you’ve been feeling lately, and I imagine how painful it’s been for you. To me personally, experiencing clinical depression has been a very isolating/lonely experience overall, as it seems so difficult for people around to really understand what’s going on. While explaining takes so much energy, and the first thing you’d want while you are struggling is to not have to spend time and energy in making others understand you. On top of it, depression - and MH struggles really - can get in the way of building and maintaining relationships. There’s many days when it’s just hard to wake up and keep doing things as usual. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed, hide away from the rest of the world, and that’s something others can have a hard time understanding.

I’m sorry that your parents and sister have not been supportive to you. It sounds like you do have people in your life, but they are not emotionally available, which hurts and just sucks. If I may ask, what makes you say that your parents don’t like you? How would you describe your relationship and interactions with them? - Please don’t feel any pressure to share in you don’t want to. I would simply love to hear how things are for you and to know you better.

You have also mentioned depression and ADHD - was knowing this following a diagnosis from a doctor or even therapist? Do you receive any professional support to navigate those struggles and learn to adapt to it?

The suicidal thoughts may have a role there and say something about your pain. But I can assure you than there is more beyond it. You have worth and value in this world, and your struggles are not going to define your future. It’s a challenge, a real challenge, to learn to walk through it. You will get there, friend. Little by little.

You matter very much. Thank you for being here today.

From strange4615: i cant get any sleep every time i do i see my self causing self harm jumping off buildings stabbing myself and doing anything to kms i hate every second in school everytime i enter class i dont feel welcomed at all my exs bestfriends are in my class so she comes to my class every break so i go to bathroom at that time and cry there everytime i see her i feel so sad to the point i cry and resently my closest girl befriends left me because their bf didnt like them talking to me they litteraly just said bye and blocked me i was never loved to begun with i dont mean anything to anyone i just exit to help people with boredom the amount of time i just wanted to have a normal chat with a person about art music gaming or laterally anyting but ig thats never happening and after all of that i cant go a day without thinking of killing myself or trying to choke myself

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