Suicidal thoughts

This post may make no sense because well I don’t know what I’m feeling but I need to at least attempt to get my thoughts out.

Let’s start out with this. I feel I have nothing left to offer this world. I go to bed every night not caring if I wake up the next morning and most times hoping I don’t. I’m not happy. Im not okay. And well I don’t have much energy left to keep fighting.

Tonight the nightmares started back. So just throw a knife into everything and make it all just a bit more unbearable and now here I am.

I don’t want sympathy, I don’t want people really to even feel like they have to care. I just need to be heard. So I guess that’s all.

Hey Monkey. I hear you. This life can be so hard. It can seem like your cries to God go unanswered as you seep deeper and deeper into despair. That is a lonely place. Though I doubt I’m dealing with the same situation as you, I can currently relate to things not getting better, even as I cry out to God in despair as more time passes and prayers go unanswered. Know you aren’t alone in the struggle of life.

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Hi there
I’ve read a similar post months ago that you made about committing suicide, but the fact that you’re still here and doing something to help yourself just shows me that you’re a FIGHTER!!! A CHAMPION!!!

I have much love and respect FOR YOU, please don’t give up on yourself and keep going like the rest of us.

Always focus on the good qualities you have as a person and that will put you at ease. What ever thoughts pop in your head is just a thought and nothing more. Always try to focus on the now rather than the past because that’s what is definitely going to help you the most.

I hope this is the last time I read a suicide related post from you because I want you to get better and continue to be a champion

If you feel like you don’t have anything to offer a great solution is to volunteer, because helping out other people will bring you so much satisfaction
Don’t ever think that you have nothing to offer because everyone has the opportunity to offer anything.

I hope I helped you

I don’t want sympathy, I don’t want people really to even feel like they have to care. I just need to be heard.

What if people are concerned, and we don’t feel obligated to care? My being here and following up with people is not false positivity; it’s a sincere tug at my heart I feel inside me, and it makes me feel more connected and alive to be here journeying together with people as they work through their struggles and I work through mine. This care is sincere. This is a place to give and receive support, and myself and the other people who post here really do care enough to spend their hours here. I cannot speak for everyone’s reasons for being here, but for me, I see how much depression and anxiety brings myself and those I love down, and my own decades of dealing with my suffering has made me more compassionate to others who suffer in similar ways, including you. As I talk with people, even here on the internet, I develop a genuine care for them.

After reading one of your previous posts, this seems to be something you’ve been struggling with for a long time. If you’re comfortable with sharing more: What’s led you here? Will you expand upon why you feel there’s nothing left? What experiences (or lack) have you had that have contributed to you feeling so hopeless?

I feel the same it is so unbearable.

I know that it is hard and I agree with every part of your statement. We can all push through together