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Suicide(extreme trigger warning)

To be blunt and straight forward. I am going to kill myself tomorrow.

Sure I could go on and tell my story, talk about why I want to do it but it seems so trivial now and cliche.

I am going to overdose on my perscribed ADHD medications because I know the side effects I already experience from it are unsavory, so taking more than the recommended amount could be deadly for sure.

I think I want to clear out my phone too because I basically have a second life online that I’ve been keeping private so I don’t want anyone to see that.

They’ll still probably blame it on my cellphone use and as insensitive it seems, I get it because mental illness is still a mystery to a lot of people.

Guess I was previously right about not making it to 18


oh friend <33 we have so much in common based on your earlier posts…

please tell your story friend we love you here…

stay strong my friend~


Hi Amaris
Please dont do this. I get how you feel I really do but please listen to me. I know that you have had a lot of troubles and hardship in your life. With friends, with your family, with your emotions. Its a lot but you can do this ok. It doesnt have to end like this. I know you want the pain to end but it might cause you even more pain and that final relief might not even come. Overdosing on pills is not a good experience (trust me I tried) It takes time and your body will try to finght back and it will try to puke everything out. In hospital they might pumb you stomack among other things which are painful and unpleasant. So please dont do this.

Instead please call a crisis hotline. Here is a list of them. List of suicide crisis lines - Wikipedia. I know it feels hopeless, I know you feel like it cant get worse and that the pain is too much but there is help and there is hope. Please Amaris stay. We care about you here. You are a very gentle sensitive person. There is only one you in the world and it would be a tragic loss if you werent here anymore. So please call the crisis line, or call a friend. Get the help you need tell them that you are not safe. You dont have to be alone in this fight. Hang in there Amaris. You are loved :heart:

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Hey @Amaris,

How are you doing today? I just want to check in with you since your attempt. Hoping you are taking care of yourself, having some good rest too.

Please take it easy if your heart feels heavy. Be patient with yourself. You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:


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