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Suicide is my only hope


I’m not doing this anymore. Im fed up with living. I’m fed up with living this damn torturous life.

Every night I have nightmares and ptsd. I lose sleep and I am constantly reminded of my pain

I’m left in the dirt by people I’ve trusted, people I’ve respect and people I’ve known for years. I’m just some fucking scapegoat for them to put their misery and pain onto (yes this is more than one)


Maybe I’ve fucking lost my mind.

But I’m not staying another day to take more pain.

God will not accept me in heaven , so I’m going to hell. Fine. I don’t care. Let the damn Satan take me.

There’s no hope to my future. Nothing at all.

I’m so angry at myself.

I’m so angry at the world.

I’m angry at people I’ve trusted.

I’m angry at people who’ve abused me.

I’m going to die.


Hey friend, I’m sorry for your pain. There are many of times I’ve lost sleep and hope. Just keep living, take it a day at a time. Pray that God shows up and pray for people To come into your life that will care for you… they are out there. Heartsupport is here for you just let it out on here. I’ve found it helps to be able to post on here just to get off your chest and out of your head for a moment. Stay strong friend!


Lots of us here feel like we’ve lost our minds. You’re not alone, lets be insane together. :slight_smile: I believe in you. About all those other people who’ve hurt you? Fuck them. Show them they can’t break you. You’re a fighter, never forget that.
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I’m new here and just saw this in my feed, but I really felt like I should reply. First of all, I hope things have gotten better in the days since you’ve posted this. Life can be so hard sometimes, believe me I know this. It can also be so beautiful too! There’s so much you have to offer and there’s so much that God wants to show you and work through you for. Turn it all over to Him and He’ll make something beautiful out of that future of yours. It’s a hard road sometimes, but turning it all over to Him helps more than I can properly express. I was in the same spot you’re in a few years ago and nearly came to ending it, but the good Lord above saved me from it and now I’m in a place I’d never dreamed of, happier than I’ve been in literal decades.

I’m praying for you and hoping for the best that you’re still around to see that there are people who care. Those few that are driving you mad - whether family or friends, or complete strangers - are just a drop in the bucket of this wide, vast world. Don’t let them steal your sunshine. You’ll make it, I promise. I did, and He can do the same for you. Just lean in and let go of the hurt. Give it all to Him.