SunflowerGeek Fan #4

I just feel like everyone has their place in this world and I’m just continuing on because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I’m no one’s priority, not even my own, and I don’t know how to make anything better. I feel like I’m just muddling through life for no reason, I don’t have hope for the future

One day I was looking in the mirror. I hated what I saw. I figured this needs to freaking change. I changed up how I dressed. I started eating healthier. I started working out on a routine. I stopped focusing what what am I giving to the world and started going what am I doing for myself. We tend to forget we need some self care. I want you to start small. Make goals. Not big ones! start small and work your way up. What are you doing for the community around you? Go to a soup kitchen and serve. Draw a picture for a friend. You start seeing value in your life. Hey LOVE you and hope this brings some joy to you.

Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern

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Hold Fast, friend. <3