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I feel like things I do dont matter sometimes. Like what I do during the day isnt important, or that others are more important than me. Any advice?

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Yeah, it can be so tough to feel like you are worth /less/ in comparison to others. Like what they have going on is always more important than what you do, or like what you have to offer doesn’t mean as much. It’s like they live their life at volume 100 and somehow your volume got stuck at like 12. Nothing you do matters quite as much, even when you should compared to their whisper.

I hate when I feel that way in my own life…like someone else’s accomplishment overshadows mine. It really kills my motivation and any reason I have to celebrate, or to be excited, or to feel proud.

But one of the things I’ve found is that diminishment usually is rooted in a lie…that their story is comparable to mine…that their life is the same as mine.

One of my friends recently said, “The Path is the Way”. And I didn’t understand it at first, but then they explained it to me like this: the same accomplishment to two different people means two completely different things.

Take for the achievement of getting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Jack Black (of Jablinskigames) got over 1 million subs the first day he hit “live” with a 70 second video of him in a gaming chair. And my friend @Casers recently got 100k subs after 4 years of hard work. The 100k subscriber accomplishment for Jack Black didn’t really mean anything at all. But for Casey it was a major milestone in his career as a content creator. Two different paths make the same thing mean something different. It doesn’t /actually/ make Jack Black any better; it is just a different path. It means that they both appreciate and experience different things and create for different people and purposes. Both are valid and meaningful creators.

The helpful part in all of this is to realize that “arriving” somewhere isn’t what makes you important, it’s the path you’re on. You are becoming the person you’re meant to be on this specific path you’re on. You are on a journey, and it’s yours, and no one else’s can compare to you. Which means everything you’re doing / putting out there really does matter, because no one else is on your same path, and no one else could have the same voice you have. The things you say matter, and you need to say them. No one else could say it the same way you do.