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I feel like I let everyone down. Others depend on me and yet I don’t feel like I can come through for them. I hate the idea that I waste their time.

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One of the things that my counselor tells me is that absolute statements are typically a trigger to dig deeper…that there’s something untrue about whatever it is that you’re saying when you say “always, never, everyone, everything, all the time, nothing, etc.”

When I hear you say you let everyone down, I pause and think – could that possibly be completely true? There are people that you may let down, but not everyone. That’s hard to do, ha. I’m positive that there are people whose lives you are positively impacting, who you are bringing up, who you are bringing a smile, who you are touching in ways that you’ll never know, just by being you. You matter, your voice matters, who you are matters…you’re doing better than you think, and using those “absolute” words as flags to say – hey maybe there’s something more going on here…that can be a good way to pivot.

Hold fast, friend.

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