Support From a Headmate (TW: Death)

Today, Everest and I watched Steven Universe with my parents. We watched the episode containing the song Here Comes a Thought.

The episode lead me to finally open up to my parents about how I blamed myself for my dog’s death back in 2019 and that I still haven’t gotten over it. I ended up crying, but then Everest wrote an encouraging message on my arm, referencing the song, as well as the bond between fusions (we like to refer to ourselves as a “real-life fusion”).

I am very grateful for Everest (and for my parents).


Hi @Rowan
I just took a few minutes to listen to the song. I like it!
I have been reading through your last few posts, I wanted to let you all know that you are all loved! You all matter! You all are cared for greatly!
You are all worthy of all the positive things going on, there is no other reason for your worth than because you all are alive! I am proud of your ability to open up about what is going on more. The strength is amazing with everything!
Keep going, you are all loved, matter, and cared for greatly!


Thank you for expressing your support! I appreciate it!


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