Support groups?

Hey there friends,

I was wondering if anyone can give some advice or perspective on your experience going to a support group. I have been thinking about going to a local support group in my city for people dealing with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. I feel good about it and I think it could be really helpful just as posting and responding here on Heart Support is helpful.

That being said, I would love some feedback from any of you that have gone through that. Was it challenging opening up to others in person? Did you feel like it helped bring about healing? What were some pros and cons?

Thanks friends! I hope you are all doing okay today and finding moments of joy! :slight_smile:

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I’ve never been to a support group for those kinds of things. Though if it were affordable and accessible I probably wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

The only group I ever did was a group with my therapist and 2 other women who were also autistic. We’d meet every week. It was only for a month. It was pretty nice though I wish the other women were my age. They were both 10 years younger than myself. I feel like these groups would be even more beneficial if I had someone closer to my age to relate and talk to as well.

I’m not even sure how to find these types of groups. How did you find them?


Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Fortunately the support group I found doesn’t cost anything which is nice since I can’t afford that right now. I found the group by just searching online for local depression support groups. There were a number of websites that offered options but a lot of them had psychologists and other patients but they cost a lot of money. I wanted to just find one where I could talk in a safe setting with other people going through similar things. I’m glad that the one you went to was helpful even if it was only for a month. Were you able to come away from the group with any good advice or thoughts that you recall?

I am still trying to decide if I should go or not. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to try it I guess. But I agree with you, having some people around a similar age would be nice. If I end of doing it, I will for sure let everyone know here how it went. Maybe these types of groups could also help others here.

Thanks again for responding! :slight_smile:


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