Switching in dangerous situations

Nagi and K:
Hello, we went through a dangerous situation today. I was at work and a coworker got really pissed off from a shitty customer. But, we couldn’t figure out whether he was pissed off at us or at the customer or both. Either way, we felt a bit unsafe in the situation, because X couldn’t figure out whether he was gonna lose his shit or not. Eventually he lost his shit but very calmy, in X’s opinoin, who knows how it feels to have overwhelming anger control you. It’s very difficult to handle. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about what I’m worried about. When X saw him lose his shit, I noticed that he began to push us back and front more himself. This worries us because we don’t want him to front in dangerous situations, because that means fear will take over. Another problem, is he likes this idiot, so if he were to get into a situation where this guy tries to beat him up, he may front more because he’d be confused as to whether to feel sympathy or outright stab the guy. Because X’s usual instinct is to kill anyone attacking him, but when he has a soft spot, it’s hard for us to front in time before things are too late and he pushes us back for good. In general, we have trouble with switching. The indesisiveness and daydreaming is what keeps us from living our part of life as well, and protecting X from creeps like that. I, X, K and the rest of us don’t want to be thrown down and treated like harmless victims ever again, but when X has sympathy for them, which has been the biggest reason he’d let go people being fucked up in the head, that’s when the danger strikes, and he doesn’t fight back. We dotn want that.
I just, if anyone can give us some advice, we’d really appreciate it.


Try to remain clam as much as possible, i assume you must talk to him about this stuff. I know my personal experience I struggle with anger outburst where I lost a job over. It help when someone try to help me out, but in non preachy way. It best to listen and see why he get anger. It also help to mention to him that no customer is not losing your shit over.

If he doesn’t change and you feel can’t reason with. It maybe be best to live the friend or not to get involved. Unfortunately you can’t change people most on the time. Sometimes you gotta live a situation.


K: Yeaaaa, so lik we try to remain fronting, but in dangerous situations it’s almost impossible to stay up front. Anyways tho, yea X isn’t really even close with piss-angry guy. We haven’t even talk to him much, for some reason X I just attracted to him. Probably bc he’s bored with life and there’s nothin else to dooo? I mean I help out uk, but I’m like the only one in the system who is able to front alot and switch easily. Nikos been in the system way longer and for soem reason he just, can’t switch for long. As well as Kov, but he’s shy. I think going on a little rant here my bad. Anyways, point is, we are trying to figure out a way to front in dangerous situations, bc Niko wants to protect X and we want to show ppl not to fuck with us, bc fuck them uk. But yea, just, it’s a struggle

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