Taking another big step to improve my mental health

I’m not as enthusiastic as I’d like to be rn with posting this. (bad day) but I’m hoping this lifts my spirits a bit…

So as I mentioned last stream I talked to my doctor about how bad my mental health has been lately and she is setting me up to potentially start seeing a therapist and/or psychiatrist.

I am very excited but also a bit nervous… mainly bc I have a huge history of not responding well to nurrilogical medication. I have had many bad side effects to ADHD meds in the past. I have heard that alot of antidepressants and stuff like that have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts in people under 24. I am under 24. I’m just hoping that I get more help than harm…

On the other hand I am excited to finally get some professional help as I feel I have been needing it since the beginning of last year. I am happy that I can receive more help than I’ve been getting from the internet. I am also hoping this will help with my process of trying to find a job too. Overall I’m just so ready for a change… I have been trapped in a bad spot for far too long…


It’s good to hear you’re embarking on this new and in all probability, rewarding adventure. A psychiatrist is a good idea, but a therapist is also helpful. A psychiatrist can help you manage medications safely, and can intervene quickly if they are any problems with them. A therapist can’t handle medications, but can help with coping strategies. It’s best to have both if possible.

Medications are started at very low dosages, so if there are any problems, they’re generally minimal. I was on Strattera for a few years, but gradually came off of it, as I developed other ways to manage ADD. I’ve been on an antidepressant for 25+ years. Depression runs in my family, apparently it’s part of our DNA programming. Well, that’s one way of looking at it, but I believe more accurately, our DNA hasn’t adapted to modern stressors. I believe a lot of us need help for that reason.

Let us know how you’re doing.


From: Rohini_868

Hi Andy,

I am soo happy to hear that your doctor is gonna work to get you to see someone! It sounds like it could be really beneficial to get that extra support in addition to the medications that you’re currently on as well!

While a new med always has side effects that can be a bit scary, it may be useful to journal or document any of your own symptoms. Not everyone has the same reaction, even if they’re in the same age range as you are, so while it’s good to know about potential effects, it’s good to make sure you’re focusing on how you’re responding to the meds. Once you keep liasing with your doctor, hopefully you’ll be able to find the right dose to help you the most!

I love the hopeful tone I’m sensing in your last paragraph! I’m rooting for ya, that you will keep this same sort of enthusiam and hope as you get into your sessions, especially since you think it could help other aspects too, like getting a job. We’re here for you too, and just a reminder that You Matter!


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, Andy! I know you are a little apprehensive and wish you were more excited about the idea of finally getting help but I think it is wonderful that you are taking these steps and reaching out to get professional help.

It is always wonderful to hear from you and we of course are always happy to be here to support you but you are right that you will be able to get more thorough help from therapy than what we can give you from the community. I think maybe your anxiety is what is making you not able to be excited about these changes and that is perfectly fair. I hope you can try focusing on the thoughts in your last paragraph. Those thoughts that this is good and this can help you so much with your life and with improving your mental health.

If you start having negative side effects from any medications you are prescribed just make sure to tell your doctors immediately so that they can help you with them.

You are strong and you are brave and I am so proud of you for choosing to start therapy and that you are trying to look at the bright side of these changes rather than only focus on the possible negatives. Please keep us updated as much as you like on your progress. I look forward to reading more from you :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Andy,

These are indeed so very huge steps in your healing journey. I’m so proud of you. Ever since you’ve been in this community, you have never ceased to seek help, express your vulnerability, reach out and take steps forward to be supported as you need. You’re on the right path.

Before getting to therapy and also asking for antidepressants, I was very scared and anxious as well. It’s part of those changes that we know are right, but also are going to push us a little bit out of our comfort zone at times. Somehow, it’s the only way for healing to occur. We can’t stay stuck in the same patterns, habits and environment if it appears to not work for us. When we initiate those steps though, we tend to overlook the small ones in between. We look at the big picture, while really it’s going be a progressive process and you are going to be fully supported - by us here, but also your therapist/doctor. You’re not going to be without a safety net, which includes also the medications and how it will affect you.

To me personally, and as it’s the case for a lot of people, the first three-four weeks that my body needed to adapt to the medications were a bit difficult - I’m over 24yrs old, although I did have an increase of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The thing is I knew it beforehand because that was discussed with my doctor. So I could act preventively, make sure that my partner would be there to listen if needed to, and call my doctor if that was needed. After that time though, I started to wake up and feeling different - more neutral, more peaceful. It is not a quick fix nor something made to heal us, but definitely a very useful crutch to get the energy we need to actively take care of ourselves and heal.

Overall though, it’s different for each person. This is about medications that affect our body, and for that we are all absolutely unique. That’s why it’s monitored with the help of a psychiatrist/doctor, and done progressively. Make sure to ask all the questions you need. Clarify things as much as necessary. It’s the job of your future therapist to respond, inform you properly and guide you. You’re not alone, and that makes a big difference. You also own your recovery - your therapist is going to support you, they don’t make decisions for you.

Once again, these are such wonderful steps to consider. I’m so very proud of you, Andy. It takes strength and courage to say “I need help” and to accept it. I hope you keep in mind that none of your struggles would ever make you less wonderful, human, or whole. You got this. :hrtlegolove: