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Taking some steps to improve my mental health

So nother positive update on how things r going over here.

After dealing with a rough situation on twitch yesterday along with emotionally watching my sister leave to go to my mom’s, my dad and I decided it was time for me to have a break. I am currently staying with my aunt and uncle’s for a few days to give me and him some time to ourselves to refresh and recuperate. I am also taking a small break from streaming and only going into streams of a selected few people. Being around my fam more hopefully gonna be doing Christmas things. Gonna be going door dashing with my aunt in a few to bond with her. Hopefully this is just the start of things getting better and I’ll start to feel much better and back to myself again soon.


Hi Andy
I am glad you and your dad are taking time to gain energy and take some rest. I hope your will enjoy your time there and I also that you will have a good time during Christmas. :wink:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Andy this post is amazing, I am so pleased that you are having this time with your Aunt and Uncle and having some time away from your Dad is such a good idea for you and your mental wellbeing. All these things are positive and will bring you some peace over christmas. I wish you a wonderful time over this period and that it leads to a much calmer and happier 2022 for you. Much Love Lisa.



Hi @Andy I’m glad that you’re taking steps in your life to rest emotionally. It’s a very healthy and loving thing to do for yourself. :heart: ~Mystrose


From: twixremix

hi andy! i hope this time with your aunt and uncle will truly refresh you and set up a smooth start to your 2022. it sounds like a blast to go on doordash runs with your aunt, hope y’all are able to see nice holiday lights on those car rides too! i’m sorry that the incident on twitch and seeing your sister leave was hard on your heart, i am very proud of you though for the strength and hopefulness you embody. wishing you and your family a nice, restful holiday ahead and a very happy new year! love, twix


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, again Andy! I think that’s smart of you and your dad to recognise the need for some time apart. Sometimes that need is a really hard thing to admit to. Did you enjoy DoorDashing with your Aunt? I find it rather fun to do, especially with someone. Kind of like a road trip or doing lots of errands, but also very different. I hope things go well at your aunt and uncle’s and you return home feeling much better. I hope you have an amazing Christmas! :hrtlegolove: