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I’m stuck in a repetive cycle of sin, I feel disconnected from gods plan and I am torn between what to do with my life

Yeah sometimes we just can not see the plan set forward and sometimes we go weeks of months with no idea of how His plan is. It has taken me sitting around reading my bible and praying in silence. Just knowing that through all the cloud of mist he is there. Every step of the way. He has a plan. Just because we are not seeing the full details doesnt mean he is not there.

You are not alone and there is always hope. For you were worth it.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern

Whatever you feel is good for you, right for you, makes you feel happy, is just want you need to do for yourself right now, that is gods plan for you. Go with your gut. Don’t force things that don’t feel natural or good. Do what you need to do for you and god will help you, guide you, and be by your side no matter what. Honestly I’ve been there, first thing I thought of with you message was when I was trying to be more connected with god and I kept trying to pray and force religion in myself and it only made me feel more in pain cuz it felt like it wasn’t working and that god wasn’t there for me. I felt very stuck. I finally just decided to let go and do what felt natural which was to remember that god is always here with me and supporting me even if I’m not talking to him. And when it feels okay and good, I talk to him and because I’m not forcing it, I actually feel him and feel like I am talking to him and it’s amazing. Gods plan for me isn’t to be the most religious and that’s not a sin. Just to be at peace with my life and my relationship with him, loosing my grip a little. Whatever you are struggling to figuring out with your life, god will present it to you when the time is right. Don’t worry. It’ll happen. He’s working on it, and each day you make it through, you are working on it and getting one step closer too.