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I’ve been trying to date recently, and so far nearly every person has managed to hurt me/make me feel discarded in a very short period of time. Every chance I’ve given to someone had turned out being the wrong decision, and I just keep getting hurt.

First of all, you’re very brave for putting yourself out there! You’re taking risks, and making yourself vulnerable. Yes, that can open you up to hurt, but it is very brave! So you’ve got the bravery in your heart, now you just need to pair it with the smarts in your head! I’m not sure how you’re finding people to date, but I’d recommend trying what I call “friendship dating,” which means, instead of looking for someone to date, look to make friends! Find a group, or groups of people who can bond over a certain interest (video games, movies, underwater basket-weaving, whatever!), and make friends with those people! The more people you can connect with, the better the odds are that you’ll find someone who shares a similar interest that you can bond over! Yes, it takes time, but it’s worth it in the end! You end up with more friends (which will help you feel more confident and sure of yourself), and if you find someone special, you’ve already developed a friendship, and you have something in common! Keep being brave, and remember we’re all rooting for you!

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