Telle Fan #1

I dont know how to cope with my diagnosis of psychotic depression. It makes me feel even more isolated than just depression alone.

Hi friend,

I can understand that being diagnosed with psychotic depression is hard. But know that, this diagnoses does not rob you of your value and worth. You are still loved and cared for my friend and worthy of being loved. By yourself and others. It does not have to define all that is you.

Remember friend, don’t beat yourself up over having a diagnoses. It’s not something you have to feel ashamed of. There are lot of resources and things out there to help treat and balance our mental illnesses so we can still function and be happy.

Know that here you are loved, supported and cared for. No judgement. And if you need a place to turn to and talk about it, we are open to you.

Hold fast friend. You are important.

  • Kitty

I want you to know that Im so proud of how hard you’ve been working, and seeing you take everything and go above it is so inspiring. I love being with you, and having you in my life, especially since you make mine so much better. Im always here to help, and to make you feel loved and supported.