Terrible review at work

I’ve done it again. Although I work my butt off and do everything I can to make my boss’ job and my coworkers job easier they fail to recognize what I do. I get yelled at by a coworker then I get written up for poor communication. Explain that one to me? My coworkers hate me and I’m a bad leader for not breaking the tension. I can’t take this anymore. I’m so tired of failing! I’m so tired of being the brunt of everyone’s hatred. Why do they insist on making my life a living hell? I just want to do my job well and serve my customers but I also have to serve the needs of every one of my coworkers even if it conflicts with my own well being. They don’t tell me when they leave early but I have to tell them when I leave the office. They don’t help me do my job but if I’m not helping them the boss is the first to hear about it. This job continues to drive me further into my depression but I can’t leave because I need to support my family…

Hey @Bleedforyourart,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a rough time at work. Have you thought about the possibility of looking for a new job while still employed at your current job, so that way you don’t have a lapse of time without pay through the means of frictional unemployment? That way you can just hop from one job to the other without much of a hiccup between paychecks. :slight_smile:


I find reading helps a lot, especially when I don’t understand social circles and interaction. I can suggest books for you if you like.

Are you in leadership? You said you were a bad leader. I don’t know enough to say if that’s true, but I can tell you from my personal experience that there is absolutely nothing wrong with stepping down and focusing on you. I stepped out of leadership because I hated my success being determined by the work of others. I’m a little bit of an overachiever/perfectionist in my work, and I’m easily frustrated when other people don’t have my drive and determination. I was an excellent motivator, my team was always valued, informed, and coached as necessary, but I wasn’t fulfilled.

Some workplaces aren’t ideal for everyone. It can be draining to work all day, then try to find another stable, suitable career to support a family, but I promise you, your happiness is more important. You might bring home less money, but you’ll also not bring home the shortcomings and frustrations of your day.

Some employers offer employee assistance programs. Mine offers counseling free of charge for 3 visits or 3 hours. Call your hr group and see what resources you might have.

Good luck my friend. You’re more valuable than any salary. Stay strong, I’m here if you need a shoulder.