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Text him what should i do

Hey Friend

im stuck and I don’t know what to do I use to talk to this guy and I have thought of text him but sometimes I don’t. He reminds me of my old self we had a friend with befits type thing I met him through a friend at my school I graduate from but she moved to another school and graduate there. but I want to restart and stuff and the crazy thing is and we go to the same college I have the fear of running into him. what should I do, please someone give me advice?

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I was recently in a similar situation about 4 months ago, one of my old friends became single and I was interested in her so I gave it a shot, we went out, had a good time, I kissed her goodbye and she blushed a lot when I walked her home. I thought it was a good night, but I never heard from her again.

Sometimes people just aren’t worth the time, I’m sure you’re a great person, but if you do see him dont worry, just make the decision when that time comes. I saw her the other day and she couldn’t even look at me, I felt kinda bad for myself but how awful must she feel that she can’t even say hi to someone. I let it go and moved on, I can only control myself, but I hope you lose worry, there are better things to do than fear walking around campus

I hope this helps :heart:

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I thinks if you see in person just say hi and see where it goes. If you two are cool being friends then that okay, as long he wasnt using you or anythings. If you do text just say, “hey i saw you at school today” or " hey we go to the same college". Just something simple.

Thank you for this advice friend hope to keep in touch with you for more advice

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