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Belongs to: Aaron Gillespie from Underoath interview about mental health struggles 28th April 2023
Thank you for sharing, Aaron, I understand where you are coming from. My teen daughter goes through it herself, but yes, it is a process. Seeing a therapist is a life saver for most, I do believe, looking forward towards life and how special it can be can be a healthy transformation in your thoughts knowing, “yes I can do this.”

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It’s hard seeing someone you love so much going through mental health struggles repeatedly – regardless of the nature of those. I can only imagine how much of a journey it’s also been for you to be a loving, dedicated parent in face of the challenges that your daughter has been facing. You want the best for her and you are an amazing supporter, and at the same time you know that growth is and healing are changes that take time and is an individual process Therapy can indeed be such a life saver – I’ve been experiencing the benefits of it myself for a couple years now, after being so very scared of taking this step. There is something absolutely priceless knowing that you have this neutral, safe space where you can be yourself, be honest and vulnerable unapologetically, Combined with the support of trusted loved ones, it makes a huge difference. Th ejourney is meant to be a rollercoaster – ups and downs are part of it and each of these is an opportunity to learn better to be a friend to ourselves. As you said so very well, after some time we can start seeing the steps taken, the growth, the journey through a larger perspective. I wish with all my heart all the best to your daughter as well as for you and your family. It sounds like she has a wonderful, understanding ally in you and that is such a special gift. You are a good parent, and I hope that if sometimes there are events or situations that make you doubt it, you will always come back to anchoring yourself in this truth. <3

@heartsupportwall4 Thank you for your response. It’s been a journey, I can say.

I’m not a parent but I can imagine seeing your child go through that must be heart breaking.
I hope this journey will be something that brings you both closer and helps her see her value in this world.
You definitely can do this!
We don’t have to go through it alone x


Hello, there! It can be so difficult going through struggles especially without supportive family to help you. I’m so glad that you recognise your daughter’s struggles and help her where you can. That is a wonderfully caring thing to do. I wish you and her all the best :hrtlegolove:


Hi Friend, I am sorry that your daughter goes through anxiety, that is tough and must be very hard to see your child suffer like that, however have read so many times of people whose parents do not recognise or accept this, its so lovely to read of a parent supporting a child and helping them to recover and live a good life. THANK YOU.


@heartsupportwall3 thank you

@heartsupportwall3 Thank you. Yes, I pretty sure recognize it pretty quickly. Having the education, the knowledge and experience being around with familiar platform of depression.

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