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Thank you for sharing. My husband is a veteran and no matter how much times passes, some days are just extra hard.


Thank you so much for sharing about your personal experience. Not only it can be difficult for our veterans friends to ask for help, but the reality that loved ones have to walk through can be as heavy at times. It is heartbreaking to see someone we love being in pain and not always knowing how to help, or if we’re even allowed to. So much helplessness that can be increased when the tension, frustration and pain are higher. I hope that, through all of this, you make sure to be supported as well as you certainly care for your husband. Your well-being matters as much, and being a pillar of support can be exhausting. Know that you will always have a space at Heartsupport so share what’s on your heart, vent, ask for help anytime. It’s okay if there are days when you are not emotionally available. You too, are learning to walk through this hurt, even when it is not directly yours. Much love and hope for more healing sent to you and your husband. <3

Friend, Thank you for your message.
I cannot imagine how hard it has been for your husband and any other veteran to have been through and experienced the things they have, its no wonder the struggles are still there, still very hard and very real.
I don’t know what help is offered to these heroic people but I hope to goodness they get everything they need and that your husband can still turn to someone if he wanted to? I am sure its not easy to knock on the door of some office thinking about opening up to a complete stranger but I genuinely think it would help, I certainly think it would help with how to manage the very hard parts. Thank you for being an amazing wife too, You have a massive heart. I wish you both well. Much Love Lisa. x

I’m very thankful for your husband’s service. I’m sorry that some days are rough for you guys, I can only imagine how that feels… You being there for him is a godsend, for sure. I’m hoping that time heals for the both of you, and that HeartSupport can be a safe space for you and your family whenever you need us to be. :))