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Thank you for your story. I too connected with the WWP (hence how we meant). I was also going down a dark road but had a smile on my face every day. My relationship with my family and my kids were affected. It’s been my honor to know you and your writings have been inspirational.

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There is no doubt that it must have taken a lot of strength and energy to accept to reach out during such a significant time of your life. Asking for help can be so intimidating and make us feel like it would be an admission of failure, while in reality nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth the cost of our well-being, if not our life. It is humbling and inspiring to read about these parts of your story, and to know that beyond a smile there was an inner battle led to keep choosing life. I hope you are proud of this decision and can embrace the fruits of your vulnerability, each and everyday. There is strength in your honesty and in the very act of saying “I need help”. Wishing the best to you and your family. <3