Thank You!

A few days ago I was in a deep root after getting into a discussion about homework stuff with my mom, cried for hours, and felt like cutting, but after posting that story, someone responded telling their cutting story and told me to fight. This brought a whole new light to my life and I now know there are people who love and care for me out there in the world. I was suggested HeartSupport Wall by a twitch streamer (won’t say who for privacy reason), and if I didn’t come here, I would’ve started cutting. HeartSupport Wall saved me from both permanent scars and it saved my life because I could’ve cut an artery if I did start cutting without knowing what I was doing. Thank you guys for all the support!



Thank you for sharing this! That’s truly wonderful and seriously heartwarming.

You are strong friend. You’re doing great and you got this. Keep being awesome. :wink:



You’re welcome.

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