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Belongs to: Therapist Reacts - Not Without my Ghost by The Amity Affliction
Thanks for the amazing video, you made me cry until my shirt collar soggy and I needed it I think maybe I ever have my whole life. I’m excited to get up tomorrow and share this with a couple other people I know will also come apart over it! It’s a cause too often left behind and I’ve never heard anyone put the ideas out there in that light, but in fairness, I never do any type of “therapy” either. I’ve never thought of a therapist as a fellow passenger on the struggle bus, and that hit as hard as the song. Thanks a million! Take care!


awww thank you so much for this sweet message. I am so glad it resonated with you!!! thank you for sharing

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It is so heartwarming to see and read about how much this content’s video has inspired you. That’s what this organization and community is all about! As you said so very well: this is a cause that is too often left behind. We collectively need to open more spaces and enable these conversations that feel so difficult, so heavy, but once unfolded actually appear to be deeply healing. It has surely been life saving to me – learning to be vulnerable, seeing my own struggles and demons through a different light – and oh how much music has been an outlet to help me keep holding on at times. No struggle should ever have to be dealt with in isolation and solitude. It is thanks to THESE connections that the narrative can change, and thanks to people like YOU, who bravely open up, that more inspiration can be brought up all around. Just with your comment here, you may encourage someone to reach out, and that is one of the greatest gifts possible. We’re all on the same boat trying to figure out this crazy thing called life – professionals, non-professionals, all included! This is about being human. This is about us all. :heart: